Monthly Round Up – April in KPOP

April showers brought………………….?


Tennis – Oohyo

Oohyo offers me that really good shit. Like such good shit. I was obsessed with Pizza for a long time. This whole album is just perfect to chill to and enjoy. As expected perfect blend of korean language and english language music.

Oxygen – Jackson

Honestly? Nothing could be as bad as Papillion so like.. do you boo.

IWST – Jungigo (feat Hoody)

It’s typical coffee shop music but like obviously I enjoy it because I love everything that has Hoody’s voice.

Eyes – Hoody

Speaking of being obsessed with her voice.. Heheheeh. Yes this is an OST and yes it counts because I said so. You’re welcome. Also look its Nara! RIP HELLO VENUS.

Say Hi – Kisum, Woody

I love Kisum. My favorite Kisum moment is when she bodied Jessi during that rap battle in Unpretty Rapstar. HEHEHE. The thing is though.. I kinda want a nice hard track from her like how Yezi does from time to time also speaking of Yezi where the fuck is she?? Where is KittiB?? I MISS YALL.

SSFW – Chanyeol

MY HUSBAND. THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. TALENTED KING OF EVERYTHING. UGH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Yes I love this song from lyrics, to the sound, to his voice… everything is a hit. I love you my baby. Get rid of the orange hair though…


Kill This Love – BLACKPINK

Well… So… As of 4/10/2019 at 2:00pm, I consider this song to be a bop. It follows the same structure of its predecessor Ddu du ddu du which will cause people to say it is just 4D 2.0. However, as I am not most people, I will say that I love this shit. The first listen I wasn’t really sold on it, but by the third listen I was alllllll up in that shit. Jennie’s rum pum pum, Chaesoo’s eopseo and Lisa’s here I come kickin’ the door, they kinda got to me fam. Ngl. I find myself randomly chanting ‘LET’S KILL THIS LOVE‘ at odd moments during work.. This is all Teddy’s fault .. This is what he is good at.. Creating songs that just irritatingly get stuck to you.. I recall this is exactly how I felt about As If Its Your Last when it first came out.. As for the rest of the songs on the album.. Sighs.. I was actually planning on doing a whole review of everything; music video, song, album because as you all should have guessed by now, Blackpink is my ultimate girl group. Unfortunately, I just did not click with this mini at all. I’m not one to set my favs up though, so I’m gonna just leave it at that. My biggest wish for Blackpink as a group right now is to explore working with other producers.. We can keep Teddy for the titles but I really would like to see someone else produce the Bsides. Anyways congrats on all the success they’ve seen so far and I will always be there with them every step of the way. 🙂

PS- Main Rapper Jennie… I would like to see her again.

Violeta – IZ*ONE

Maybe it is because I wasn’t sure what to expect when they had first debuted why I find myself slightly underwhelmed by this release. I am more fond of the bsides on this mini which is funny cause I didn’t like the bsides on their debut mini. However, knowing me, I’ll probably like this more by the end of year… Sakura as a blonde is everything I have ever wanted!! I also can’t help but wonder what subunit they’re gonna do.. Personal favorite from the mini is probably Hey. Bae. Like it or Up.

Stars Over Me – BOL4

Nothing is being done differently but I prefer this to Bom. It is very spring in feeling to me.. Mellow with a little bit of a punch. Overall, I like this EP so much more than the one they released last year. I am very fond of Seattle Alone.

Bom – BOL4

This is the title track… Korea loves this shit. Meh.

Boy with Luv – BTS (feat Halsey)

BTS’ music has never clicked with me. The last thing I actually enjoyed from them was Blood Sweat Tears. Honestly if it wasn’t for the fact that April was so slow, I probably wouldn’t have listened to it. Well.. It’s better than Idol so that’s something I guess.

Freesm – Hashtag

So.. I knew about this nugu group because one of their investors is someone I follow. This music is literally just like every song that’s released and easily forgettable. Short haired redhead is doing her thing though.

Fancy – TWICE

It’s been a long time since I’ve actively stanned a Twice song as you would have guessed by my ranking of their title tracks… Fancy is GREAT. They have served the most  enjoyable track from the big releases this month. Yes, I can admit that it is way better than Kill This Love, both the song and the EP. Matter of fact, I haven’t liked an entire album or mini from Twice since Signal and when I tell you that every time I put on the Fancy You mini, it just feels so fresh way better than Likey felt to me at this point. Fancy has elements of I’m So Sick and %% which makes sense since it is the same producers, but they also managed to make it feel very Twice and I love that. The music video on the other hand… Yeah Twice deserves better. For all the money they bring into the company the least they deserve is a MV that bangs.



Beautiful Goodbye – Chen

I mean technically not new BUT it is his SOLO debut so you know it counts. Kinda sad that he only served ballads but ugh whatever Jongdae’s voice is a literal treasure. This song, actually the whole album is just perfect to put on when you’re in a depressive ass mood and just wanna be a sad bitch which I like to be all the time. Some nights I turn it on and let him sing me to sleep because honestly who doesn’t want to be rocked to sleep with such a rich voice.. lowkey though.., um Kyungsoo can you please remember you’re a singer? I want my solo RnB album. I miss you.

Hocus Pocus – BVNDIT

Hailing from MNH Entertainment, home to P101/IOI breakout soloist, Kim Chungha, comes the girl group debut for the month of April, BVNDIT. I don’t know how to pronounce this so I’m gonna say it is Bandit? If not? Oh well… So Hocus Pocus is like very forgettable.. I have listened to it four times already and I can’t recall how it sounds like at all. It feels very reminiscent of Chungha to me and I can stack this up to it being that they’re from the same company and having the same producers. Maybe it would have been more enjoyable if it was her solo? Anyways I do like My Error if that’s any consolation.. Not many girl groups give me enjoyable slower songs. A decent attempt by BVNDIT, I guess we’ll see where they go from here.

Favorite April Release: Fancy - TWICE

Enjoy Momo’s Fancy Fancam!!


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