BATTLE OF THE B’s: Best B-Side Tracks – EXO


Back, back, back again! Sorry for the lag, but now I should be able to get one of these out either every week or every two weeks. This time I’m tackling my favorite guys, E-X-O!

Mama (Debut EP, 2012)

Angel – Now Mama wasn’t my favorite but both the Korean and Chinese versions of this EP, had a lot of great vocal treats from both vocal lines. This song was no exception. It was rich and gave us a taste of their potential.

XOXO & Growl (First Studio Album & Repackage, 2013)

My Lady – Even though this was still their first album and they were finding their sound, this one gave more of a jazzy vibe that reminded me of their senior artists. But it is also something they could pull off well.

Lucky – This song had cheese but the good expensive kind. It’s a fun song and doesn’t really have the mysterious vibe EXO is known for. The upbeat tempos make you want to just jump around like they do on stage when performing this one. Plus, I feel lucky to have them as my bias group.

My Lady

Miracles in December (Second EP, Special Winter Album, 2013)

Christmas Day – It’s hard to compete with the mega amazing title track, Miracles in December. But Christmas Day holds up on its own. It was a soulful Christmas track that makes you want to cuddle up and just jam out. Also, it was OT12 really got me in the feels with their togetherness.

Overdose ( Third EP, 2014)

Moonlight – When it comes to showing off vocal prowess, EXO doesn’t shy away. Another ballad but this one reminds me of What is Love off their debut but in a good way. In the way where Baekhyun and D.O sing right into your souls and command it.

Runner Up: Run (Fun and jumpy)

Exodus (Second Studio Album, 2015)

Lady LuckCall Me Baby is one of, if not the top EXO song for me. But this whole album had bangers. But it was Lady Luck that made me have almost as many repeats as CMB. We get singing Chanyeol and guitar riffs that I feel in my heart. The live version is that of legends. (linking that version with a little acoustic CMB too.)

Love Me Right (Second Studio Album Repackage, 2015)

Tender Love – “Chicken Tender“, that’s what I will forever remember when I hear this song. But outside of that, this repackage had two great songs; Love Me Right and Tender Love. It had a funky beat with D.O at the helm with the vocals. Even Sehun and Chanyeol’s rap ad-libs give me chills.

Sing For You (Fourth EP, Second Special Winter Album, 2015)

Girl X Friend – What I liked about this one is that it didn’t feel like a Christmas track. All of the other tracks had a ballad feel. This one was rooted deep in the hip-hop pop lane and it felt refreshing.

EX’ACT (Third Studio Album, 2016)

Heaven – EX’ACT might be EXO’s best album to date. From beginning to end, the whole things slaps. Heaven is no exception in that. If I don’t hear Chen singing “Hello Angel” when I enter Heaven, I’m making a u-turn. That means Heaven has the vocals of true angels. I don’t even know how to categorize this song. It was just amazing. Fun, soulful, funky, pop filled, everything!

Lotto (Third Studio Album Repackage, 2016)

She’s Dreaming – Where Lotto was the banger of the century, She’s Dreaming was its underrated sister. It felt very dream-like. The song is carried by the melodies without the heavy bass distracting anything. A slow groove that is just meant to put you in a nice mood is what this song is.

For Life (Fifth EP, Third Special Winter Album, 2016)

What I Want For Christmas – In this case, For Life doesn’t really have a Christmas vibe but this one does. It reminds me of the Christmas songs I grew up with and it gives me nostalgic feels.

The War (Fourth Studio Album, 2017)

Walk on Memories – This was the era that I came into EXO. This is one of my top albums because again, it had a lot to choose from. Ko Ko Bop and The Eve being superior. But Walk on Memories is another track that EXO excels in. It is that R&B heavy track that they can handle well.

Runner Up: Touch It (My baby Chen writing about hand jobs. Love it)

The War: The Power of Music (Fourth Studio Album Repackage, 2017)

Sweet Lies – There are some EXO tracks where they are just rude. Artificial Love being one of them. Sweet Lies is the rudest of them all. The hoe jumped ALL the way out with this track and it’s performance. SM played us because we SHOULD have gotten a MV for this, but they’re evil. Just watch for yourself.

Universe (Sixth EP, Fourth Special Winter Album, 2017)

Fall – Another hit maker from EXO. Each track was amazing but Fall had this hook that really hooked you. When the music cuts a bit and they go FALLLLL. I’m like YASSSS. Falsettos across the board.

Don’t Mess Up My Tempo (Fifth Studio Album, 2018)

Oasis – After EX’ACT, this is EXO’s best album, hands down. Everything about it was top tier, and Oasis is one of those. It felt like this song was made just to show how far the group has come vocally and stylistically. It felt mature but also promising for what is to come. It’s hard to put into words how perfect this track is.

Runner Up: Ooh La La La (Grown and Sexy EXO)

Love Shot (Fifth Studio Album Repackage, 2018)

Wait – We didn’t get a winter album this year but this feels like it would have been on it. I loved this one because even though Love Shot came for our necks, Wait felt like the bandage to all our wounds. Mostly just guitar and their vocals carry this song. When I listen to this, I’m just reminded why I love EXO and why they’re kings in this industry.

OBSESSION (Sixth Studio Album, 2019)

Ya Ya Ya – There was no way I wasn’t going to pick the hip-hop track that has a sampling from my girl group SWV. The way EXO ate this song up is delicious. I legit can play it over and over and never get tired of it. I know I said DMUMT was their best album but even with just six members, OBSESSION was that bitch and deserves more love than it gets.

Don’t Fight The Feeling (Seventh EP, 2021)

Runaway – There were basically 4 songs I could have chosen because all the tracks off of this special album deserves some shine. But there is something about this haunting track that just calls to my soul.

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