Sugar Baby’s Casting Call – ‘Nikita’

Hello friends! I am always watching and reading a variety of pop culture content. I have loved doing fancasting for shows/movies/books/comics ever since I was a teenager so I figured I could turn this into a little feature of some sort. I will do a fantasy casting from any content I choose, it could be a Korean drama into the Chinese version, an American drama into a Thai version, Webtoons, Comics, Books. You get the drift. Feel free to drop suggestions and play along.

For the first episode in this feature I will be doing a fantasy cast of both Korean and Chinese actors for what is likely my absolute favorite show that the CW Network has ever produced, Nikita. For those of you who are not familiar with Nikita it was a show created in 2010 based on the movie Nikita by Luc Besson. This is the third adaption of the movie, the first and second being Point of No Return and La Femme Nikita respectively. The premise of Nikita is as follows:

The series centers on a secret organization known as Division. Recruiting young people with troubled backgrounds, Division erases all evidence of their past lives and molds them into efficient spies and assassins. However, Nikita has gone rogue and Division is unaware that she has placed a mole. Nikita is the first recruit to escape and promises to bring down her former employers. Having trained Nikita, Michael, a Division operative, is ordered by his boss Percy to deal with his former student. In the meantime, Division continues training recruits Thom, Jaden, and the newest, Alex.

As the seasons go on things get more complicated and if you’ve never seen Nikita before, I would highly recommend especially if you were a fan of shows like Chuck or Dexter.

I took the casting very very seriously because as mentioned, Nikita is quite possibly my all time favorite non-comedy show. ENJOY!

Korean Casting Call

Nikita Mears – Bae Donna / Han Ji Min

For the titular character who better than Bae Donna, we’ve seen her kicking ass in her decade long career in a variety of roles. She is an excellent actor who I believe could deliver an absolutely breathtaking performance of Nikita and could mirror perfectly what Maggie Q did when she made us fall in love with the character. Han Ji Min was second runner up because I believe in her ability to be sexy, deliver good action shots and produce great chemistry with her co-star.

Michael Bishop – So Ji Sub


Having been a fan of how insanely good looking So Ji Sub is, I believe that he would be very believable in the role of Michael. We have seen him as a trainer in Oh My Venus and a spy in My Secret Terius and I can vividly picture him getting steamy. Ooops Spoiler.

Alexandra ‘Alex’ Udinov – Kim Tae Ri


This was the most difficult to cast but I ended up going with Tae Ri. This girl is a star and I think she has what it takes to deliver a captivating performance of Alex. She’s gorgeous and resilient.

Seymour Birkhoff – Yang Se Jong


I will admit to having not watched much of what Se Jong has been in, however, I have no doubt he could pull off the role of Division’s hacker king.

Thom – Lee Joon Gi


I wouldn’t be casting something with action scenes if I didn’t include Lee Joon Gi.. HELLO. He is an action legend! I thought Thom would be the best fit for him because of his size tbqh.

Jaden – Park Se Young/Kim So Eun

I was torn and couldn’t pick just one as I strongly believed both girls could do a convincing job. Se Young is delicious at playing a villainous character so she could easily tap into the vengeance of Jaden. Similarly, So Eun has showed her ability to show duality in her roles when she starred in The Scholar Who Walks The Night, and if Joon Gi is to be Thom then her role as Jaden would be quite complimentary.

Amanda – Lee El/Yoon Se Ah

I don’t know a badder bitch than these two who could and would absolutely fuck up the role of Amanda. These actors would bring the depth and layers that Amanda has full force. It’s not just about being evil and manipulative but making it believable and these two really know how to reign in those emotions.

Percy – Jo Sung Ha


Call me a pussy but I am still a little terrified of Jo Sung Ha since I saw him in Save Me. He was perfectly terrifying and for that reason I think he could and would capture Percy perfectly. After all, he already played a neurotic charismatic murdering psychopath before.

Sean – Ji Change Wook


Helloooo. My baby boy not starring in this action triller? Absolutely not! He would probably make me like Sean’s character a lot more.

Ryan – Kim Woo Bin


I’m gonna be honest I really just wanted to cast Woo Bin. He’s tall, fine and could totally pull off being a suave nerd.

Owen – Ji Sung


Ji Sung is the man. He has quite the impressive resume and so I know he can tap into the tortured soul of Owen. Bonus points for him being very as well which guarantees the shirtless scenes that are a necessity.

Chinese Casting

Nikita – Yang Mi


After watching Yang Mi in Ten Miles of Peach Blossom, I grew a steadfast love and obsession with her. I wouldn’t and couldn’t pick any other Chinese actress to dominate this role like I could her. She has the talent, the dedication and the looks. If I am not certain about any other Chinese actor that I chose, I am 100% sure about this one.

Michael – William Chan


He is sooooo fine. Whew. I many be new to the cdrama world but I can recognize the legendary performance we would get with him as Michael. He would pull off the charisma and sexiness and the chemistry.

Alex – Jelly Lin/Wu Jinyan

I had a hard time choosing between the two because they are both such bad ass women that either would absolutely OWN the role of Alex. You only need to see them kicking ass in their respective wuxia dramas to know that I am not wrong. At all.

Birkhoff – Deng Lun


Yes, I will employ my birthday twin babe because why not? Hehehe. I think he shines in goofball roles and Birkhoff is perfect; highly intelligent and a comic relief.

Thom – Zhang Vin


Did I only pick Bae Bin because he’s bae? Maybe. LOL. Listen he is fine as fuck and talented as fuck and just imagine him flirting with Jelly Lin or Jinyan while they’re training together to become the elite squad of rookies? You’re welcome.

Jaden – Chen Yuqi


She stole my heart in Ashes of Love therefore I know without a doubt she can steal much more as Jaden. She has grit and beauty and she would work well with the rest of the rookies. Plus I kinda feel like her and Bin Bin need to star in a drama together.

Amanda – Gong Beibi


Sexy. Gorgeous. And knows how to play a convincing bitch. What else could we want from an Amanda? I have seen Beibi absolutely dominate and I think she would for sure offer the same magic as Amanda.

Percy – Jin Dong


Truthfully he wasn’t my first choice and I know actors should be able to handle working with their exes and stuff but I wouldn’t put my poor Yang Mi through that therefore second choice came first. He was really good in Surgeons so I think he would be up for the challenge.

Sean – Johnny Huang


You know what? This took me and unbelievably long time to choose and I think I finally got it. As soon as I saw an image of Johnny I was like “Holy shit!” this is Sean right there. I am a little worried about whether the chemistry will pop but honestly the original Salex didn’t really pop either.

Ryan – Liu Ruilin


Tell me he does not look exactly like someone who should be playing this role? Find me someone better. QUICK. I’ll wait.

Owen – Sunny Wang


Fit as fuck. Sexy as fuck. Definitely would dominate the role of Owen. No questions asked.


So what do you think? Did I hit the mark? (I did)

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