Sugar Baby Unnie’s Totally Biased But Also Definitely True Ranking Of WJSN’s Title Tracks

I am a huge fan of summer because it means an influx of girl group comebacks! Hehehe. So I previously ranked TWICE’s title tracks and now I’m here to do Cosmic Girls (WJSN).  How do I feel about WJSN? Mmm.. So.. my bias line is Dayoung, EXY and Meiqi. It has to be a line because there is THIRTEEN of them!! Like JFC. Honestly, I don’t even really think I can name all thirteen without having to check wiki or something. [I just did a quick check and I got 10/13 names and 8/13 faces.] I enjoy their music for the most part and often enjoy their bsides. I don’t really follow them much beyond the little stuff I’ll watch while they are promoting. So yeah.. Remember ranking has taken into consideration the following:

  • Aesthetic of the Music Video
  • Choreography
  • Sentimental Value
  • How many lines my biases sang
  • Whether or not the song aged like spoiled milk after the first week of listening to it

8. MoMoMo

The good news about this being their worst title track is that they could really only go up from here. I  did think the MV was cute but wow rewatching it now and they all look like fetuses!

7.  Happy

I know that the aim for this one was to release a title that was more like Bebe since everyone was saying how much they had preferred that to the actual title track (because they’re stupid as fuck) but this was just not it for me at all. Which is funny cause I love Bebe a lot.

6. Dreams Come True

This is 6th because I forgot they even had this song so there’s that. It edged out #7 because it has WJSN’s signature sound to it and I really liked EXY’s rap, Dayoung had more lines and Meiqi had more center time. šŸ™‚

5. Catch Me

I know everyone knows this one cause of Cheng Xiao’s flip at the dance break which is of course iconic, but I do genuinely and unironically like this song. It’s catchy! hehe get it? Also I didn’t mention it above but Dawon is like fourth in the bias line so yes I stan this Dayoung, EXY and Dawon unit song… who gonna check me?

4. La La Love

When this first released I felt lukewarm about it and I still do.. It’s not more fun than #5 on this list, but it does have a nice music video and better choreography so it edged it out a little bit. Plus it doesn’t creep me out as much as Catch Me’s mv does. I know I always complain about how my biases don’t get lines in my roundups but like those groups have like 6/7 people not 13. With a 13 member group maybe everyone shouldn’t be getting lines……..

3. I Wish

This song was actually stuck in my head long before I even knew what it was or where it was from. I think I saw a clip on twitter or something and for the longest time all I kept singing was “Tell Me Why”… I have to be honest, EXY’s rap kinda dampens the mood of the song though..Not every kpop song needs a rap plus we know she’s a capable singer so could’ve just had her sing instead. Anyways this is such a nice song! Love the instrumental.

2. Save Me Save You

GAHHHHH! Honestly soooo good. I’m not sure if I mentioned this on top ten list for last year and if I didn’t it was probably because I started liking this after seeing a live performance. I liked the music video but I wasn’t really into it until I saw the choreo. I do love this, its so dreamy and fun and the better version of #4 on this list. Their voices sound really good on this song as well.

1. Secret

OF COURSE. NATURALLY. YET TO BE DETHRONED. AN UNDERRATED GEM. IT IS LITERALLY THE BEST FUCKING SONG BY COSMIC GIRLS. The music video is stunning. The choreography is so good. Yeonjung got quite the debut song. This song was robbed of everything . It deserved so much better! Every time I think I don’t absolutely love everything about this song, I listen to it once and I’m reminded that yep, its THAT bitch.

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