Monthly Round Up – MAY IN KPOP

Another month. Another round of generic skip worthy songs to listen to. 


4: 44 – Park Bom (feat Wheein)

I actually like this and would probably like it a lot more if I liked Bom’s voice.. I will refrain from making a comment about how Wheein got the feature and not one of the pinks… Heheh.

You – Xiumin

Oppaaaa!! come back!! I miss you soooo much! You’re Chinese you shouldn’t have to serve. WAHHHHHHHHH.

Hold On Me – Junoflo

This is so nice! Easy to listen to and not crowded with 9 million voices. Yes I don’t like this style for groups but I am fine with it for soloist.

Youknowbetter – Hyolyn

I love Hyolyn and her being a bully doesn’t change how I feel about that. Now onto the song, mellow and she sounds great, I can’t really complain.

Thinkin Bout You – KATIE

It’s boring just like I love it! Heheheh 🙂 She sounds so much better here than in that other song too.

No One – Lee Hi

So  I thought for sure before I would be picking whatever Hayi released as my song of the month but this doesn’t click with me as well as No Way. Also Hanbin got the feature and not one of the…. You know what never mind. Very proud of Hayi for coming back and slaying the charts! You deserve it!! This album was delayed two years.. Yes I still remembered she was supposed to comeback in September 2017.


The Fifth Season – Oh My Girl

For the record, Oh My Girl, can do absolutely nothing wrong for me. This is gorgeous lovely and beautiful. I fall in love with it every time I listen to it. I’m not saying the other girls aren’t doing their thing but……

Picky Picky – Weki Meki

On god.. Doyeon in this hair is like peak visuals. I am obsessed with her and it. On the song front, I like this. I really do. It’s like very fun and vibrant. This may for sure be the best thing they released as their title track. The refrain gets stuck in your head long after the song is released. I’m so picky picky.

Me & You – EXID

The beginning of this reminds me of Egotistic by Mamamoo. Overall it is an easily enjoyable song but I still stand firm in my annoyance of hearing drop beat choruses. CAN WE COME UP WITH SOMETHING ELSE? I BEG? Anyways RIP EXID.


I feel obligated to point out how both Winner and EXID came back on the same day and their EPs were titled We. Oh and Winner’s song is titled Ah Yeah.. Shit is hilarious. Hehehe. Winner makes such good easy breezy songs. The vibe that I get from this song is what I feel like BTS keeps trying to do but never quite sticking it. I really enjoy this song way more than Millions and the atrocity that was Everyday although I’ll be honest and say that the remix kinda slaps a bit.

Feedback – Ladies Code

I love Ladies Code and I have nothing bad to say about them ever. I will never. Thanks for coming. (I really do like this song)

Superhuman – NCT 127

OH… O H! I may have a new NCT song to like. I really like this one guys. May be my favorite boy group release so far… (FINALLY)

Eclipse – GOT7

Typical GOT7 release.. It’s very trendy. Feels like it could have been on the JUS2 album.. It’s easy to listen to but ugh nothing has had me feel the way If You Do has.. kinda wish they would try something like that again.

Dramatic – BVNDIT

Very quick turn around for this group.. Not bad… So much better than Hocus Pocus.. Let’s hope they stick to something that is more this style. I wish they were more vibrant while performing. A generic song is one thing, but a performance will definitely bring it up.

Under Cover – A.C.E

I was briefly an A.C.E fan back in 2017 when they had just debuted because of their Blackpink cover (yes I only like groups based on how I can relate them to my ult groups). However, since I am quite literally incapable of actively stanning any kpop groups anymore I consistently forget about them until something prompts me to remember them and remember them I did. I like this a looooot. I kinda wish they had gone all out with the rock elements cause I could’ve headbanged so hard.

Really Really – Cherry Bullet

Its a summery song.. I am not the biggest fan but it is easy to listen.. Unlike BVNDIT, I feel like they went in the opposite direction and released something thats a step below what they had debuted with. Also not enough Chaerin and Linlin yet again.

Beautiful Days – Lovelyz

Lovelyz has always been on brand. You always know exactly what to expect from them. Have I ever mentioned how I love Kei’s voice though? I should mention that more every now and then.

Me – CLC

WOW. Just WOW. CLC are shaping up to having such good post career peaks. Like this song feels classic right up on the first listen which may be due to the fact that there’s a resemblance to 4Minute’s Hate in the Skrillest-esque beat drop chorus. I think that if you’re someone who disliked Hate then you can’t be expected to like Me. Personally, I like Hate therefore Me feels infinitely better since the transitions are better and Yeeun dominated that rap verse. CLC may have one of the most complimentary voices in a group I have ever heard in all honesty. They sound amazing together and its what edges them above (G)-IDLE every time in my book.

Twilight – Oneus

It starts out well then kinda just irritates me so yeah.. I wouldn’t count them out just yet though. Definitely would be more enjoyable after more listens. I really like the guitar riff.

Are You Ready – D-Crunch

Reminds me of the excessive noise that you used to hear from boy groups more often before this lame pop lite sound became so polarizing. I wanna say it sounds like that Roar from SF9 but with less spirit.


DMT (Do My Thang) – 3YE

I know that technically this isn’t a new group but a rebrand of an old group and I actually wouldn’t even be listening to them if it wasn’t for the fact that I wanted to continue my streak of having a new girl group debut every month. This is garbage. Ass. Terrible.


As a boring girl you know this is my style. Like yes. Bibi was from The Fan which I never watched but do know about cause of Yeji. I think Bibi can do things if she keeps up with this Heize lite behavior.


They almost slipped under my radar because I just be ignoring groups with dumbass names that I can’t understand. I saw that they had broken a record or something for units sold on hanteo by a boy group and I was like wait a minute… A NEW group  is doing thaat?? Then I did some research and found out that two WannaOne boys were in the group and everything clicked. So apparently this is short for ‘Absolute Six’ because why the fuck not? They’re from Brand New Music which is house to a few solo artist that I listen to (KITTIB STOP SUING NAEGAS AND MAKE A COMEBACK).. I like this song! It may not be a standout debut song for a group but I like it. I am fond of deep house and the rap was pretty good. The overall production of this was so easy to listen to and mellow.


                    Favorite May Release: CLC - ME

Here watch Seungyeon’s Fancam!


Bonus: Yooa’s Fancam!


Double Bonus: Under Cover 4K One Take!


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