BATTLE OF THE B’s: Best B-Side Tracks – BTS


It’s been almost a month since I’ve seen BTS live at MetLife Stadium on their latest tour. It was my first time seeing them live, and it cemented why I had fallen in love with them; they could put on a damn show. With them playing their hits, let’s dive into the B-Sides.

2 Cool 4 Skool (Debut Single Album, 2013)

Outro: Circle Room Cypher – Some probably don’t even consider this a track, but for me it was genius. It basically showed what kind of group these kids were. The humor was there and to me, it was the beginning of Rap Line doing amazing things on each album.

O!RUL8,2? (First EP, 2013)

Attack on Bangtan – I’ll warn you now, these corny hip-hop-drenched songs are probably my favorite of BTS. In their early days, Rap Line dominated the tracks and I was here for it. Another track where they’re basically yelling who they are and I’m here for it. Its heavy bass and catchy La La La’s get me each time. Also, BRING BACK RAPPER KOOK!

Skool Luv Affair (Second EP, 2014)

Tomorrow – It’s hard to beat Boy In Luv as a song for me. Tomorrow doesn’t but it is a nice contender. It was more R&B laced than what BTS had been showing. The Rap verses will always be top tier but Jimin and Jin came through with the vocals. I’m a fan.

Skool Luv Affair: Special Addition (Second EP Repackage, 2014)

Like (Slow Jam Remix) – There were only 2 new tracks for this repackage, but Like was the superior of the two. It kept on with a similar vibe as Tomorrow did for me. More R&B with good raps. The vocal line came to woo and woo they did.

Dark & Wild (First Studio Album, 2014)

BTS Cypher Pt. 3 – Some say this is the superior cypher of all cyphers. I sometimes agree. Min Yoongi owns me in every way as a rapper. Then here comes RM and J-Hope trying to grab me by the neck with their own skills. The beat is hard, the flow is hypnotizing and the hook is catchy. Stood no chance.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Pt. 1 (Third EP, 2015)

Boyz With Fun – The return of fun BTS and rapper Kook. This is just a fun song that really shows the personality of the boys. I mean, V growls and I’m here for it. The beat is on the funky side and just makes you want to dance. The chorus repeatedly gets stuck in my head. This is truly one of my guilty pleasure songs.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Pt. 2 (Fourth EP, 2015)

Butterfly – This era was a more emotional BTS than what we were introduced to and Butterfly goes on trend with that. I would call this one of the ballads that sometimes gets overlooked. Jimin and Jungkook really own this song for me.

뱁새 (Silver Spoon) – There was no way I wasn’t going to mention this song in all its glory. While Butterfly and Run were showing the softer side of BTS, Bapsae showed the thot side of them. This is what I like to call my “hoe it up” song. The beat makes you just want to shake your ass. And this song also brought us one of the most iconic dance practices and choreo in BTS history. You’re welcome.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever (First Compilation Album, 2016)

I Need U (Urban Remix) – This compilation album came with one of my favorite, if not THE favorite song of BTS for me. Fire is THAT track. But this album also had some gems in the remixes of tracks. I Need U had two remixes but the Urban one was whoa! I didn’t think I would hear this kind of song from BTS, but it was one I wish would come out more often. The sweet vocal adlibs and the slowed-down raps get you in a whole different mood than the original.

Wings (Second Studio Album, 2016)

Begin – Quick story, I heard this song on an episode of BTS RUN and it haunted me. I didn’t know what it was but I knew I needed it in my life all day and every day. Turns out it was Jungkook’s solo track from WingsBegin is a song that’s hard to describe. It goes from this haunting vibe to this EDM ballad. It’s a weird mix that works because of Jungkook’s vocal conviction. I can’t get enough of this one.

BTS Cypher Pt. 4 – Another album that had me picking two tracks. Another cypher but geez, this one is out of this world. The beat isn’t anything complex but the bars are. Each member brings their own flair in a confident way. I mean, the chorus is basically saying “I love myself”. This is the song that made me look at J-Hope in a whole new light and Min Yoongi made his claim on my soul again with his verse.

You Never Walk Alone (Second Studio Album Repackage, 2016)

Outro: Wings – I had picked this song before I saw them live. They performed this and it cemented that it was such an underrated track. With its house-laced beat and catchy hook, it makes you feel good all around. Even though Not Today is my favorite off this album, Outro: Wings is the one that gets me dancing.

Love Yourself: Her (Fifth EP, 2017)

Intro: Serendipity – Love Yourself Era was when I started listening to BTS. This is the album that gave me the hardest choice because every song was amazing. But I decided on Serendipity because seeing Jimin perform this live really made me love it more than I already did. His falsetto is almost addicting.

Outro: Her – I lied, I had to pick another song. Her was a perfect ending to this one. The jazzy hip-hop track was something different but familiar with the rap line. This wasn’t a cypher track but it was the closest we got and it was perfect.

Love Yourself: Tear (Third Studio Album, 2018)

Anpanman – At first, this wasn’t my favorite BTS album. But as I kept listening it grew on me so much that I can’t get enough. Anpanman is one of the factors. It is reminiscent of some of the fun tracks in their discography but with a current twist. You can hear a lot of influences, from trap, Latin, EDM, all of it! But it works.

Love Yourself: Answer (Second Compilation Album, 2018)

Seesaw – The end of an era. It felt like BTS was saying bye to their adolescence with this album. Each member had a solo track on the album. Out of them all, my favorite came down to be Yoongi’s Seesaw. Maybe my bias is showing but it’s a different vibe that we’ve not really seen from him. He was on his grown-man shit with this one. It was groovy with a nice little bounce. His bars didn’t feel so hard and even though I love me some rough Suga, this was a nice switch-up.

Map of the Soul: Persona (Sixth EP, 2019)

Make It Right – This was like Love Yourself: Her for me, every track was so good! But the moment I heard this song, I knew it would be my favorite. I didn’t even know until later that it was written by Ed Sheeran! It pushed vocal line with their falsettos but the soft pop beat just sits well with me.

Map of the Soul: 7 (Fourth Studio Album, 2020)

My Time – I can listen to this song over and over and never tire of it. I mean, it’s a Jungkook solo track but it is a great R&B song. And when I start thinking about the lyrics, I just want to hug baby Kookie and soothe him about all his missed experiences. Anyway, this album had a lot of B-Tracks that were stellar but this one takes the cake.

BE (Fifth Studio Album, 2020)

Dis-ease – It was hard to pick a song because this album actually felt lackluster and really made me miss the older sound of BTS. That is why I think BTS doing an old-school hip-hop track stood out among the other boring tracks.

Proof (First Anthology Album, 2022)

Run BTS – Finally the kind of song that is reminiscent of the BTS sound that many of us have come to love. Lately, their music hasn’t really been hitting in a way that feels like them. It has felt that they have been catering to a demographic that isn’t their core fan base. However, this song is all of that and more. Naming it after their wildly popular variety show was genius. It feels like a love letter to the OG fans. Also it makes me want to booty pop.

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