Whatcha Watchin’ – Week 1


There was this weird need to just share what I’ve been watching without going deep into reviews and stuff. Just wanting to gush over

Actively Obsessing Over

Produce X 101

I love a good survival show and PDX101 is just that. I started about two weeks ago and I can NOT wait until the new episode. I’m so invested in these boys and their journeys. I didn’t watch Produce 101 season 2 until way after the fact but I have to say watching it as it airs has a different feel. Not knowing who’s going to make it is so stressful. There are so many trainees I’m rooting for, I know my heart is going to break and soar by the end of the season.


The Secret Life of My Secretary

OBSESSED! After reading Sugar Baby’s first impression, I knew I needed to start this. What I didn’t expect was me becoming straight trash for this one. It makes me mad and gooey all at the same time. These characters are basically sharing one brain cell and it makes me so frustrated but I find myself wishing for Monday and Tuesday to come so I could see how they’re going to get out of this pickle.


Shopping King Louie

I had started this months ago, but the first few minutes felt very cheesy. I’ve been wanting to go back to it and I finally did. I’m so glad I did because I am IN LOVE! It’s corny and fluffy with that bit of angst that I love. I started yesterday and I’m already on episode 10. I’m in the angsty bits so I hope my heart can take the rest.


Hopefully, something else catches my eye soon.

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