Lazy Unnie’s Playlist: Under the Covers – Top Idol Covers


I fell into a deep hole. That hole consisted of English cover songs done by K-POP artists. With that, I’ve decided to list some of my favorites. I wish I could list them ALL but then this post would be extremely long and no one would read. Here’s my list, not in any particular order either.

BLACKPINK – Sure Thing (Miguel Cover)

It was this cover that made me see Blackpink in a different light and made me add them to my list of groups to give a shit about.

MONSTA X – Versace On The Floor (Bruno Mars Cover)

Whew Chile! I knew they liked to do this on their tour but seeing a full performance of it blew me away. Vocalist Jooheon jumped ALL the way out. I’ll take it off for you boys, if you insist.

GRAY – Shape of You (Ed Sheeran Cover)

Even though he’s a producer extraordinaire, I love it when he sings. And this cover is no exception. I wish it was longer.

Doyoung of NCT – Breathin’ (Ariana Grande Cover)

Wow. His cover is so good. It’s haunting and his tone is perfect for it. I would listen to this version way over the original.

Jinho & Hongseok of PENTAGON – Lay Me Down (Sam Smith Cover)

Jinho is the reason this list even came to be because, DAMN if he doesn’t blow me away with his covers. I could have just made a list ranking his and called it a day. But add Hongseok in the mix? Magical.

UJI of BESTIE – If I Were A Boy (Beyonce Cover)

I have to admit, I didn’t know of her before I made this list. Then I came across this song and was blown away! I stan!  Honorable MentionI Have Nothing

Park Bom – Never Gonna Let You Go (Faith Evans Cover)

On this lovely day when YG is in shambles, let us celebrate the talent that is Park Bom, whom he tried to ruin. I knew she was a great vocalist, but to see all the raw talent she had before he ruined her, I’m angry. But this cover is amazeballs.

EXO – Open Arms (Journey Cover)

This will always be one of my top covers, EVER. Still waiting for the Kyungsoo R&B solo album. Maybe after his military service. MISS YOU LUHAN!

DAY6 – She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5 Cover)

The Cover Kings. They could have never released original music and just covers and I would still be a stan. They’re that freaking good. I could have picked any number of songs they did but this Maroon 5 cover showcases each of their strengths. 
Honorable Mention
Thinking Out Loud

Jungkook & Jimin of BTS – We Don’t Talk Anymore (Charlie Puth Cover)

This was a great cover cause the song was perfect for both of their higher vocal ranges and the breathy inflections. Plus, I stand by that Jungkook does English covers the best out of the group. Sorry V.

Yedam of YG Entertainment – There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back (Shawn Mendes Cover)

Before I even started watching the Stray Kids show, I knew of this video and this kid. This cover was shocking because I was surprised YG had a trainee this good! Dare I say this was better than the original? I didn’t watch Treasure Box, but I can’t wait to so I can see more Yedam.

Jinho of PENTAGON – Whenever Wherever Whatever (Maxwell Cover)

Cheating cause it’s another Jinho cover, but he’s THAT good. My first cover I watched of his was actually Chris Brown’s Undecided but it was this cover that I made the decision that he was my bias and I was stanning hard. The talent is out of this world.

Girls Generation – TTS – Cater 2 U (Destiny’s Child Cover)

Another video I didn’t know until I started this list. I love Tiffany and Taeyeon’s solo stuff so much and TTS was such a great sub-unit, and this cover proves it. Giving Destiny’s Child a run for their billions.

Jonghyun – This Woman’s Work (Maxwell Cover)

Ending this list with this song feels right. This was the first cover I ever watched by an idol. What’s funny is this version is a cover of a cover of a Kate Bush song. Maxwell made it his own and Jonghyun does as well. When he goes from his falsetto to his full voice, tears start rolling down my face. You could feel the emotions in each note.

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