Battle of the B’s: Best B-Side Tracks – MONSTA X


I’m trying to get better at posting these. Also, are there groups you think I should do? Leave them in the comments! I’m mostly going off my top groups as of now. Speaking of top groups, here’s MONSTA X!


Trespass (Debut EP, 2015)

One Love – MX’s debut image was a rough one. They were like the bad boys of k-pop but One Love had a “We’re thugs but we love too” vibe. It was R&B heavy but with rough rhymes from Jooheon. It was a nice mix.


Rush (Second EP, 2015)

Broken Heart – I think most of my favorite b-sides from MX are going to be these slow tracks because they really shine musically in it. This a bare track, mostly just piano and the vocals. Kihyun SOARS in this one. It makes me feel all warm inside.


The Clan Part. 1 Lost (Third EP, 2016)

Stuck – This should have been the main release. I love All In and Ex-Girl,  but Stuck is that bitch. The EDM hard-hitting verses with Kihyun coming in on the chorus to ease our souls. Jooheon and I.M SLAP you in the face with their bars as well. This was the beginning of The Clan Era and it made me so excited for the sound they were going for.


The Clan Part. 2 Guilty (Fourth EP, 2016)

White Love – The bad boys took a back seat and turned into flower boys for this track. It was a sweet pop ballad that felt like a perfect companion to spring. Each member showcased their soft side and became the perfect boyfriends. There was no rap in sight and it felt perfect. Who knew Jooheon and I.M could sing so softly?!


The Clan Part 2.5: The Final Chapter (First Studio Album, 2017)

Calm Down – Beautiful is the bride of this album. Calm Down was a gorgeous bridesmaid that came down the aisle that most ignored. The levels in this song are something that I can only equate with an MX song. The quick raps and the melodic vocals to bring you to other heights? That’s MONSTA X for ya.


Shine Forever (First Studio Album Repackage, 2017)

Need U – I NEED THIS SONG LIKE I NEED AIR I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! MONSTA X live in the hip-hop EDM realm well. But when they step into R&B, I melt. This was a groovy track that made me really pay attention to a vocalist aside from Kihyun (sorry he’s my vocal bias here.) And Jooheon’s rap was SO adorable! GAH! LOVE!


The Code (Fifth EP, 2017)

Tropical Night – I lied. THIS SONG GIVES ME AIR! I’m admitting here that there was a time where I watched this MV multiple times a day for like two months. Obsessed. Jooheon’s BEST verse ever. (Probably an overstatement but sue me.) I can’t even begin to describe how perfect musically this is for me. From the deep groove beginning to the drop beats in the chorus. Wouldn’t be an MX song without some synths too. All of it is perfect.


The Connect: Dejavu (Sixth EP, 2018)

Destroyer – This was my first comeback with MONSTA X and maybe that’s why I have an attachment to this EP. And for that Destroyer holds a spot as one of my favorite MX tracks. The deep bass notes mixed with the full-on rock, had me shook. Throw in Kihyun hitting those high notes in the chorus, it had me soaring. Not sure a song can be uplifting and haunting at the same time, but if it can, it’s Destroyer.

Runner Up: Fallin’ 


Take.1 Are You There? (Second Studio Album, 2018)

널하다 (Mohae) – I think this one stands out for me because it was so different from Shoot Out. Does it have the standard MX feel? Absolutely. But it was a mix. Where it has the rough EDM influences, what stands out is the vocal line giving it a nice groove feel. The bounce is nice and really ups its replay quality.


Take. 2 We Are Here (Third Studio Album, 2019)

Turbulence – This is that song. Classic MX feel and I think that’s why it stands out against all the rest. Most of the tracks on here felt experimental in some regards. But this one gave me the things I loved about both Beautiful and Destroyer. 

Runner Up: Play it Cool (I can’t just not mention this one. Party anthem of 2019.)

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