Monthly Round Up – JUNE IN KPOP

At half way into the Kpop year I have to yet find a real standout song… By this point last year I had so many contenders.



OH BITCH! I can vibe so hardcore to this. It is so weird what I accept from groups compared to what accept from soloist. Hehehe. I love her vibe so much. Check her album Classic out if you haven’t.

Feedback – BOA (feat Nucksal)

This is fun as expected from BOA. I love that she will forever be the relevant queen that she is even if new kpop stans don’t know who she is. Could definitely do without Nucksal’s rap though. Thanks.

One Fine Day – Sandeul

It’s a ballad. He has a nice voice. It’s a ballad.

Anymore – KittiB

Honestly I am just so happy to receive any music from her that she probably could have released an entire album of her just farting on repeat and I would have listened to it. This is a typical K-R&B track and I don’t mind it at all. Witch is actually so much better and should’ve been the title track.

Snapping – Chungha

It’s no Rollercoaster but it is good enough. Yes I will still worship at Rollercoaster’s feet until she gives me something that tops it. All in all I like the vibe of this song as it reminds me of early 2000s sound.. My only gripe is that I wish it had an actual chorus.. I feel like I will be complaining until the end of time until we bring choruses back.

 LOVE Me – Punch

I feel like I’ve said this before but like Jinyeong can do me no wrong. The instrumental bops in addition to her divine vocals. I thank her sincerely for not allowing June to be a throwaway month. I do love you, sweetheart.


Fun! – Fromis_9

This video is sooooo cute, Heheh. Also I like this, I actually do find it to be fun, noisy, but fun and energetic. Literally could do without the random trap breakdown though but I love that it sounds like circus music. I don’t have much really to say about Fromis_9 but I do think they’re a cute group with a dumb name.

Boogie Up – WJSN

I like this more than I did when I initially listened to it. It’s fun and kinda has the signature Cosmic Girl sound to it. The video is fun, but I like My Type better.  Also fuck a fair line distribution give the vocalists back their lines Starship!

Illusion – Ateez

I listened to another Ateez song! Where is my cookie Shaloma and Nikki??

Wave – Ateez

I am not sure which one is the main single but I know neither are Utopia so yeah….

Who Do You Love – Monsta X (feat French Montana)

This is actually…. not bad? Insanity. The simulation is glitching.

Seoul Night – Urban Zakapa (feat Beenzino)

I still am so partial to the slower Urban Zakapa songs like I Don’t Love You are the ones that really get to me.

Zimzalabim – Red Velvet

No comment. I can’t believe Teddy really made the girls think that noise is okay.

Side Effects – Stray Kidz

Ah sighs. I really liked Miroh so from Miroh to this is just like… bruhhhh. Wasting Twice’s hard earned money like this.


I mean after the incredibly underwhelming Enough, anything is considered a plus. So yeah a win is a win. I think I would’ve kinda preferred to hear something like Mamma Mia for the summer though.

uh oh – (G)-Idle

I feel like this is by far the most dull thing they’ve ever released. Honestly people give Blackpink shit for being “try hards” and if this ain’t the most try hard shit I’ve ever seen. I would much rather Soyeon stick to “rapping” that over polluting the song with her horrendous vocals. I can’t remember anything about the song other than Soyeon could’ve and should’ve done significantly less.


Birthday – Somi

Somi has been a pillar in Kpop for so long that it’s hard to believe that her official debut came three years after her popularity in IOI. I will admit to liking this song a lot more than that live performance that I saw. I don’t think it’s bad it certainly grows on you after a few listens as long as you don’t watch her perform it live. Anyways I am slowly becoming a Somi fan because bitter JYPE stans are mad and I like seeing them mad.

Crystal Ball – Purplebeck

Shout out to Purplebeck for keeping my trend of having a girl group debut every month so far. Heheheh.

Goblin – Sulli

I love you bitch and I will never stop loving you. This vibe is the style that I love so much. From the MV style to the way her voice sounds, everything is just oozing perfection. The EP is pretty solid too.

Follow – U-KNOW

I still want him to apologize to me for Meloholic… Also wow… Its been years and this is solo debut? Wow. Interesting. I like the beat a lot but I mean it’s like a boy group song so yeah.

Heart Sign – Ong Seongwu

I mean this is technically not a debut song and just a pepsi commercial so I’m not sure where i would put it or even really talk about it but he’s attractive so like do I particularly care? Nope. Am I gonna state the obvious this? Nope.

Questions – Zelo

I am not gonna pretend to know anything about BAP other than they make emo ass music… This not being emo ass music is actually pretty decent.

          Favorite June Release: Punch - Love Me

Enjoy Seungyeon giving a fellow nugu a job

Bonus: Alex Reid (ex-BP Rania) halfway spilling tea but couldn’t really commit to it like a bad bitch.

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