Sugar Baby’s Review Corner : ‘Boy For Rent’

Boy For Rent


When love is not as expected….

Smile has a crush on her handsome senior, Kyro, but when she confesses he doesn’t like childish girls. Smile decides to hire a “Boy For Rent” to learn how to make a man’s heart beat. Liz believes her boyfriend, Badz, is cheating on her, and decides to use the Boy For Rent service to get back at him without feeling guilty.. Neither knows that renting a man will change their lives forever.



I have never finished a Thai drama, actually that’s not true, I have finished Oh My Ghost, but that was partly due to me not having finished the original Oh My Ghost and thus did not find it to be as atrocious as anyone who loved the original had. Also I don’t count remakes because you already know what’s going to happen and you keep watching to see how this version chooses to do it. So like I said, I have never finished a Thai drama.. That is until Boy For Rent.

You all must be thinking, what possessed me to even start watching this shit and honestly I was just bored one Sunday afternoon, saw the title and decided, “fuck it” and twelve episodes later here I am writing a review.

This story is just incredulous to say the least. So many plot holes and inconsistency and I don’t just mean with Liz’s hair that literally goes from brown to black in every damn scene. I mean we know that scenes aren’t film in a continuous sequence but could they at least tell home girl not to die her hair during the middle of filming?!?! It was so distracting! But anyways story is straight up on crack. This is story is about prostitution, yes point blank, plain and simple, this is prostitution. They pay money to rent these boys and then they are basically their properties until the contract is up. So that is why I was not surprised to see that almost every episode had some form of fucked up shit in it? We had Smile almost getting rape at least ten times, and no I am not exaggerating. We had scenes that were quite questionable when it comes to consent. The twist at the end was just straight what the actual fuck and made me wonder if everything was going on over at GMM ONE studios.. Like lmfao y’all tried it.

The characters.. SIGHS. Okay so let’s start with Smile. I don’t like naïve leads, not that there is anything wrong with women who are kind, and sweet, but listen.. Smile was every bit that childish girl that Kyro said, I literally wanted to reach into my laptop screen and smack the dumbass a few times. I don’t think she really developed character wise in all honesty. It was like she went from a nerd to a nerd with a boyfriend. Badz, bless his soul, was your typical handsome male lead. The problems that he created with Liz could have been resolved by COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND. He does have a banging body though (pretty sure it was in Mond’s contract to take the shirt off every episode and I am not complaining.) Liz was a dumb bitch, but not in the dumb cute way that Smile was, but like a proper dumb bitch.. Once again all her issues with Badz would’ve been solved had she just communicated.. Just think for a while, your girl says she saw your man with another girl and you don’t confront him? You’re just like “uhh cool, let me rent a prostitute to cheat with then” like nah girl, first we confront his ass and then we fuck his best friend. Kyro was the caricature of a bad boy who finds a woman that changes him with daddy issues.*yawn*

At this point you’re probably wondering how it was possible that I finished it and if I was hate-watching like I tend to do sometimes, but the truth is that I am in love with Badz and Smile’s chemistry or I guess Mond and Fon. I couldn’t get enough of it. I wanted to see them at all times and watch them be absolutely fucking moronic with each other because they were so freaking cute. I legit skipped all Liz and Kyro scenes cause I could not give any less of a fuck about anything either of the two did. I eagerly waited on my subs just so I could watch these cuties and I don’t regret it all. Matter of fact, if there is someone out there who can just cut all the Liz and Kyro scenes from the drama and make the show solely about Badz and Smile, I would very much appreciate it.


Acting: 6.5/10
Production Value: 6/10
Music: N/A
Story: 5.5/10

Overall Rating: 6/10

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3 thoughts on “Sugar Baby’s Review Corner : ‘Boy For Rent’

  1. I pretty much enjoyed kyro and Liz story. You souldn’t had missed their scenes in order to really understand. I remember that everytime I would see teasers for the next chapters…i would think…”i can believe he will be that selfish!”…and then…the scene end up being complete different…for exemple the hotel scene…i remember i tought: “i can’t believe he will try to make out with her while she is feeling bad about the break up with Badz”…and then at the actual scene what happened was that Liz asked him to help her stop crying and to forget Badz…and he kissed her and laid her and then HE sais to her that she was feeling bad and shouldn’t avoid her feelings, denying reality, and that he would only hug her and stop at it, cause he could wait till she come to like him…
    So what I’m trying to say, you could have misdjudge this two. And Liz wasn’t a bitch, Badz should have talked to her…she tryied to communicate and trust him. But unlike he did to Smile, he wouldn’t tell Liz what was happening. She was completelly in the dark. And lets be true Badz was kind of enjoying spending time with Smile.

  2. Honestly, same, to all of what was said… I found out that Fon and Mond did acting together before, which is why they were so comfortable.

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