Lazy Unnie’s Couch: Well Intended Love

Well Intended Love

lJxrJfA third-rate actress with leukemia becomes entangled with CEO Ling because she needs him for treatment.

In order to receive bone marrow transplant sooner and to continue her career as an actress, Xia Lin enters into a secret marriage with Ling Yi Zhou, the CEO of a company. Despite the conspiracies and misunderstandings they encounter, the two find true love.

So you know how sometimes you see a crash and you can’t look away because you have to know the outcome? That was Well Intended Love for me. An attractive train wreck that I couldn’t stop watching no matter how bad and out of control it got. Let’s break it down the best way I can.

The Good: I was immediately drawn to the assholely CEO, Ling Yi Zhou. He was outright mean but something about him felt more like a feral cat. Like he was mean because that’s all he knew. I also liked the accidental meeting between him and Xia Lin. It felt natural. Another natural aspect was the friendship between Xia Lin and her BFF Jia Fei. They were the cutest of gal pals.

The Bad: Even though the chemistry between all the characters were on point and good, it was the freaking plot that took a wrong turn. Okay, a young d-list actress finds out that she has leukemia and this moody CEO is the only way she’s going to survive. I’m still with it. Even the fact that he suggested a contract marriage to appease his sick grandma was also okay. SPOILER AHEAD: What really made it tip the scales into what the fuck territory was the fact that sis wasn’t sick. I repeat, NOT SICK.

The Crazy: This is where things really go off the rails and start burning down. Turns out Yi Zhou was on his Edward Cullen and all stalkery of her. All the lies and things he pulled so he could keep Xia Lin was out of control! So you have that crazy, what do they do? Add a subplot of a stepbrother who is psycho, female one-sided love who attempts murder, some hypnosis, and amnesia, and even faked deaths, this show threw in every cliche it could think of!

The shocking: Surprisingly, with all the unbelievable things that kept happening, I couldn’t stop watching. I didn’t really care for Simona Wang as Xia Lin. She was not this beautiful goddess that all men couldn’t help falling at her feet to me. But I will admit, the sexual tension and crazy love Yi Zhou had for Xia Lin really kept me going. I’m glad that it was only 20 episodes, but shockingly, I’m anticipating what crazy they can come up with for season 2.


Acting: 7/10
Story: 6/10
Music: 0/10
Overall: 7/10
Recommend? Partially 
Fave Song: N/A

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