Something Spooky This Way Comes #2 – Pumpkin Spice Hair

As mention in Hocus Pocus Fancast, we love us some pumpkin spiced lattes! What better way to celebrate that to list some pumpkin spice hairdos! Kpop is known for the bold looks and constant hair dye unless you’re Jennie Kim in which case the only thing you know is fifty shades of brown. Here are our top five idol lewks with orange hair and the five we wished did not exist and should probably be removed from existence, in no particular order.


1.  Lisa – BLACKPINK

Sugar Baby Unnie: Next to blonde (the good blonde, not the dry, short, crusty one with the shitty extensions we got during Square One era), this is one of my favorite hair colors on her. It complimented her so well that even haters had to say she’s stunning. #HateToSeeIt. Maybe she could sneak some bleach into her band-mate’s shampoo at some point.
Lazy Unnie: Let’s be honest, this is Lisa’s BEST color. You would think she was a natural red head with the way that she rocks this. And the cut is so flattering for her adorable face. Slay Thai Princess, Slay.

2. Jimin – BTS

Sugar Baby Unnie: Since he’s a Libra, he’s allowed to make this list.
Lazy Unnie: Jimin has had many colors, from pink to black. However, maybe it’s because he’s an October baby, but the orange surprisingly fits. And when it’s styled back, umph.

3. Handong – Dreamcatcher

Sugar Baby Unnie: Handong is Dreamcatcher’s queen of the hair dye! We love to see it. The varying shades and pastel, who is her hair stylist? Can she bring this back for Idol Producer if the rumors are true? It’s the best color she’s had. I don’t make the rules.
Lazy Unnie: I think I’m liking this one because it’s not all one shade and kinda ombre’s.

4. Hyuna – Soloist

Sugar Baby Unnie: In all genuine honesty, I really liked this color on her. I thought it was quite complimentary and I think Hyuna can pull off a lot of colors. I think her problem lies in her choice of makeup cause she has some where she is quite literally looking like a clown.
Lazy Unnie: This color was very fitting on her, I just wish the styling matched. And she washed it more often.

5. G-Dragon – Big Bang

Sugar Baby Unnie: Your oppas wish they could hold a candle to Jiyong when it comes to eating every single hair color in a 84 pack Crayola box. COME BACK SOON KING. I MISS YOU.
Lazy Unnie: If there is someone who has had a crayon box of colors, it’s GD. And orange has been a good crayon on him.


1.  Sehun – EXO

Sugar Baby Unnie: From Jongin’s dreads to Baekhyun’s mullet to this. Kokobop era only served lavenderyeol well.
Lazy Unnie: I wanna cry thinking about this color. This was all bad and sadly it was his own damn idea. Even when he had rainbow it was better than looking like Chucky.

2. Chaeyoung – Twice

Sugar Baby Unnie: Instagram blinks were bullying Chaeyoung when she debut this hair saying she was copying Lisa and it sparked yet another twitter fan war.. However, consider that maybe those blinks were right cause damn this color was not for you baby girl.
Lazy Unnie: The color made her look like a ragey ann doll and not in the good way. Good bye to this Annabelle, goodbye!

3. Seulgi – Red Velvet

Sugar Baby Unnie: Hey Ronald Mcdonald.
Lazy Unnie: I love my Queen in everything… except this. I think she’s gorgeous but this was just bad color and a bad style. Never again, please, I beg. No one likes a neon pumpkin.

4. Ravi – VIXX

Sugar Baby Unnie: Looking like a construction site warning sign. ROAD CLOSED AHEAD.
Lazy Unnie: And none of his friends told him he looked like a hot mess. So sad.

5. Onew – Shinee

Sugar Baby Unnie: Luckily you have had a few months to reflect during enlistment.
Lazy Unnie: Burnt. Pumpkin. That is all.


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