Battle of the B’s: Best B-Side Tracks – TWICE

I know I said that I would keep up with this feature, but life happened and I became extra lazy. But luckily I had some of these already planned out. Yay! Now Cheer Up and lets see what I Likey from TWICE!

The Story Begins (Debut EP, 2015)

Do It Again – I didn’t end up liking this EP until after I was already a fan. But outside of the title track, I really enjoyed this. It went well with the whole cheerleader/dance team vibe that Twice has. It was upbeat but not in an annoying way.

Page Two (Second EP, 2016)

Ready To Talk (Tuk Tok) – This was a whole other girl. It had a groovier sound but still in a cutesy way that Twice is so good at showing. It gave Jihyo and Nayeon time to showcase their vocal ranges but didn’t take over the song. I could listen to this on repeat all day.

Twicecoster: Lane 1 (Third EP, 2016)

1 TO 10 – Dreamy pop. That is what this is. It’s hard to go against TT because it was just THAT song, but this gave a warm feeling. It wasn’t cute or sexy, it was just pretty. The vocals weren’t in your face and the beat was soft and groovy.

Twicecoaster: Lane 2 (Third EP Repackage, 2017)

Ice Cream – Very different from what I’m used to with twice. It was the first ballad of theirs that I really fell in love with. It stayed with that dreamy vibe that 1TO 10 had but just slowed down. The vocals were on point, the visuals were stunning. Everything about this made me feel as good as having some ice cream would.

Signal (Fourth EP, 2017)

Someone Like Me – I am starting to think that the best Twice B-sides are the ones where they break away from their own mold. Someone Like Me is a clear example of that. It’s not over produced, the vocals are simple. It’s just a simple feel good love song. It doesn’t go any place but it doesn’t have to. Kind of like an IU song.

Twiceagram (First Studio Album, 2017)

DON’T GIVE UP – This was the album that introduced me to Twice. Likey was a BEAST and I loved it along with so many tracks. DGU is one that always just stands out when I do a listen of it. It feels fresh and fun but also has a small dose of retro that I love.

Merry & Happy (First Studio Album Repackage, 2017)

Turtle – I was NOT here for this release. I didn’t really like Heart Shaker at all. But I did love Turtle so that’s why it’s my pick. I could have picked any track but this one had the most Christmasy feel and it was a sweet ballad.

What Is Love? (Fifth EP, 2018)

Say Yes – Talk about another release I couldn’t stand. What Is Love was a bop but the rest sounded like a soundtrack to some video game. Say Yes was the only ballad track and it was the best because it didn’t make me want to angry smash a game controller.

Summer Nights (Fifth EP Repackage, 2018)

CHILLAX – Twice has the talent of picking the best song for their title track so picking a best B-side can be hard. For this it was hard because I disliked What Is Love so much. But CHILLAX doesn’t make me want to stab my brain and it is a great summer track. Has an underlining of that tropical pop that I love (no I don’t) but it isn’t bad at all. It stays fun throughout and makes me dance.

Yes or Yes (Sixth EP, 2018)

SUNSET – I lied, THIS was better than the title track. Yes or Yes was a bop, yes lol but it didn’t have the levels that SUNSET did. Had the nice R&B vibe but still in the girly 80’s pop wheelhouse. If I had heard this song when they first debuted, I would have stanned right away. If the vocals were a little tighter, I would have thought it was a Red Velvet song. No shade, all tea.

The Year of Yes (Sixth EP Repackage, 2018)

Be as ONE – My favorite ballad from Twice and it wasn’t even in Korean first. I don’t think I can describe how emotional it makes me to listen. No where as emotional as Miracles in December makes me, but close.

FANCY YOU (Seventh EP, 2019)

STUCK IN MY HEAD – This EP had the song of the damn year on it, so it’s hard to top Fancy. But like the title says, SIMH got stuck in my head when I first listened. It felt different and more adult than the cute cheerleaders we knew from 4 years ago. It’s hard hitting and the repeating beat just gets stuck to you.

Feel Special (Eighth EP, 2019)

RAINBOW – This was a hard decision because Get Loud was also a great choice. But it was Rainbow’s built up to the chorus that grabbed me by the heart strings. It reminds me of a Jessie J song in the best way. If I knew how to speak Korean, I would be belting out the chorus and dancing around my room. For not, I’ll just stick to badly dancing to the house-esque beat and embarrassing myself.

MORE & MORE (Ninth EP, 2020)

MAKE ME GO – Of course I had to go with a song that had a 90’s club vibe and also written by Nayeon. The song feels different from their usual lead tracks and I think with the anti-drop it gives the song a different kind of hype. I’m obsessed with it.

EYES WIDE OPEN (Second Studio Album, 2020)

BELIEVER – It was extremely hard to pick a song for this album because it was their best yet. Each song really slapped. And it is no shock that I picked the song that was written by Kenzie because I’m a sucker for her songs. But this song is fun and upbeat with a retro flare. It’s sexy and sweet. It allows the ladies to show more a mature side.

Taste of Love (Tenth EP, 2021)

Scandal– When the title track was hella mediocre, it wasn’t really hard to pick a better song. But it makes me wonder why Scandal wasn’t the title track! The beat is very retro but is amazing to dance to. Music lovers would love this kind of song.

Formula of Love: O+T=<3 (Third Studio Album, 2021)

MOONLIGHT– I don’t think I’ve loved a Twice song as much as I love this one. It’s SO FUN! Everyone sounds great on it as well. It sounds like Lionel Richie and Janet Jackson’s song had a baby and it was raised in Korea. I don’t know how this song didn’t beat out The Feels to be their English release. This is an addicting bop.

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One thought on “Battle of the B’s: Best B-Side Tracks – TWICE

  1. My favorite b-side from each Twice album:
    The Story Begins: Going Crazy (Nayeon’s vocals were on point)& Candy Boy (I streamed this song so much)
    Page Two: Woohoo (Sana’s voice sounded so soft and delicate, I always stop whatever I’m doing just to listen)
    Twicecoaster lane 1: Jelly Jelly & Pit-a-Pat (Jelly Jelly has more of a fall feel, while Pit-a-Pat sounds more like a spring song)
    Twicecoaster lane 2: Melting (I listened to this so much that even my sister knows the song, and she’s not even a Once)
    Signal: I honestly love all of the songs on this one, but my favorites are Three times a day and Someone like me.
    Twicetagram: Turtle & Look at Me (In both songs, Nayeons vocals were pure gold. I wish Twice would release another full album soon)
    What is Love: Stuck (I’m Nayeon biased, so any song where she has really good vocals, or lots of lines, I end up really liking the song)
    Summer Nights: I honestly cannot choose between Shot thru the heart and Chillax. Both songs are so relaxing, but still fun summer songs.
    Yes or Yes: Sunset & Say you love me
    The Year of Yes: The Best Thing I Ever Did (I know it’s probably a title track, but I loved this song so much, I even learned it on the piano)
    Fancy You: Hot (Another song where Nayeon shined a lot.)
    Feel Special: Rainbow & Love Foolish. I feel like any song that Momo writes the lyrics to, always turns out really good, and becomes one of my favorites. I was so glad that Nayeon finally got a chance to write some of the lyrics to Rainbow.

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