Rest In Peace Choi Jinri

Oh god. My heart is so heavy guys.  We had a post scheduled for today but for obvious reasons that will not be happening. As you all know and by the title of this article, Sulli has passed away. It has been about three hours since I’ve heard the news and I don’t think it’ll actually hit me that she’s gone until much later. I keep randomly bursting into tears at work. The only emotions that I can completely process right now are disbelief and anger. I am in disbelief because it doesn’t seem real that she won’t be here anymore. I am angry because I can already tell how the media will twist and contort things to absolve themselves of any blame. I am angry at the number of tweets that have since gone viral about mental health and idols knowing full well that within a few weeks stan twitter will be back to running smear campaigns against idols from groups they dislike.

This isn’t about me though. This is about how the world of Korean entertainment has just lost an actual angel.

Pretty Princess

She was vibrant, caring, understanding and had a beautiful soul. She spoke up about the things she experienced and tried her best to bring awareness to various causes. I loved that about her, I loved how she still tried to persevere even when things got insanely horrible. I’ve admired her in so many ways. She tried to live her most authentic life in a judgmental society. I have gathered this much about her from merely seeing her public events and the glimpses she has given us into her life. I can’t image how people who are close to her and share intimate moments with her feel. My heart goes out to all her family and friends who have to deal with this loss. I hope that we can all be respectful of how someone chooses to grieve. Thankfully, she is now at peace and her suffering has ended.

May you be reborn as that lovely flower full of vitality. You did well, peach princess.  

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One thought on “Rest In Peace Choi Jinri

  1. Thank you so much for your beautiful thoughts honoring our beloved Sulli, and for giving us a glimpse into the beautiful, compassionate heart she had. I was, however, saddened toward the end of this article wherein you mentioned the many people who loved Sulli and embraced her love of life and humanitarian causes. Yet, in the final analysis, why didn’t these friends see the signs of impending tragedy? Why didn’t they provide the comfort and consolation Sulli was so desperately in need of? Why didn’t any of them think to gently encourage her to seek professional help that could have averted this terrible loss? Perhaps in retrospect, these thoughts are weighing heavily on the minds of those who were closest to her. Unfortunately, the only answer they are relegated to is that the world is a lesser place without the presence of this dearest angel.

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