Something Spooky This Way Comes #3 – Binge-Worthy Thrills

This post was delayed for obvious reasons. We will be back on schedule next Monday. Last week we gave you ten pumpkin haired looks that were hits and misses. This week we’re giving you ten dramas that were positively daunting and just what you need for this Halloween season. We each picked five dramas that we believe would help complete your need for thrills, chills, ghostly and supernatural. You’re welcome! 

Lazy Unnie’s Picks

Suspicious Partner

The series is about Noh Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook), a prosecutor, and Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun), a prosecutor trainee, and how they work together on a mysterious case involving a sly psychopath murderer. They find out how deeply connected they are by their past.


This one barely constitutes as spooky, as Sugar Baby has told me, but there is something about it that just gives me the creeps. Maybe it was the fact that it basically starts off with a murder. Or maybe it was the serial killer running around. Let’s just say I had more shivers during this than I should and it wasn’t because of the intense sexual chemistry between the leads.

Oh My Ghostess

Bong Sun, a timid young woman, is possessed by the ghost of a lustful virgin. She has zero self-confidence, and because of her extreme shyness, she doesn’t have any close friends. At the restaurant where she works as an assistant, she’s not particularly good at anything, and mostly just gets yelled at a lot. Her grandmother was a shaman so from a young age she’s been able to occasionally see ghosts, though it’s not until she meets the lascivious ghost that she gets possessed totally.

Sun Woo is a conceited star chef who’s overflowing with confidence in his food and his skills. Bong Sun harbors a secret crush on him, though he doesn’t take much notice of her for two reasons: because he’s always surrounded by women and because he’s hung up on an old flame. But then one day, Bong Sun starts acting differently, shedding her mousy personality, and ends up constantly on Sun Woo’s mind.


OMG! This was one of my first dramas that I watched and immediately fell in love. It was creeptastic and all the romantic tension that I tend to love. The ghosts in this was ewww but at the same time, entertaining.

Let’s Fight Ghost

Hyun Ji (Kim So Hyun) studied for most of her life before she died at the age of 19. She is now a ghost and has wandered around the world for several years. Hyun Ji then meets exorcist Park Bong Pal (Taecyeon). Hyun Ji and Bong Pal listens to various stories from ghosts and sends them to the other-world.


I hated this on first watch. It had reminded me so much of Oh My Ghostess, I wanted to hate it as much as I could. But in the end, I loved it. I loved it for it’s complex ghost story and talk about a spooky villain! The possession here was way more scary than OMG for me. Kwon Yul just has that “imma kill you but be nice about.”

The Guest

Twenty years ago, Yoon Hwa Pyung (Kim Dong-wook), a young psychic born into a shaman family, learns about the powerful demon called “Sohn” (Guest). The demon is very powerful and possesses the power to control other demons and allow them to possess weak people. The possessed people then go mad, kill their families, and stab themselves in the eye. Hwa Pyung, Choi Yoon (Kim Jae-wook); a young boy born in a religious Catholic family, and Kang Kil-Young (Jung Eun-chae); the daughter of a detective, fatefully meet when their families are killed by a demon.

Twenty years later, the demon killings started again. Hwa Pyung is now a taxi driver who uses his power to seek out possessed people in order to help them, Yoon is a Catholic priest who is talented in exorcism, and Kil Young is a detective who doesn’t believe in ghosts. The trio meets again and tries to work together to defeat “Sohn”.


I haven’t technically watched this fully but that’s because it was SCARY (and the female lead can’t act). I knew I wanted to watch because of Kim Jae Wook and I wanted all the Coffee Prince feels, but none of that was here. In its place was scary themes. Maybe I’ll finish it this month.

A Korean Odyssey

In 2017, Son Oh-Gong and Ma-Wang are in conflict with each other as they look for a true light in a dark world where evil thrives. From there, Son Oh-Gong is bound to his protective role towards Seon-mi, the little girl he had met years ago. Having made a contract with Seon-mi 25 years ago, entitling her to seek help from Son Oh-Gong whenever she calls him in exchange for letting him free, the two meet again in a fateful encounter.


This is kinda of perfect to get you in the halloween spirit because it’s filled with spirits. To me it’s like Goblin and Oh My Ghost had a baby. But with a terrible ending. Sorry, not sorry. Either way, if the spirits don’t get you, maybe the zombie girl will.

Sugar Baby’s Picks

The Ghost Detective

Detective Lee Da-il (Choi Daniel), who catches ghosts, tries to solve the case of his assistant, Jung Yeo-wool’s (Park Eun-bin) younger sibling’s bizarre death. He runs into a mysterious woman in red called Sunwoo Hye (Lee Ji-ah) who appears at every crime scene


Although I didn’t finish this drama, I am still recommending it because I really liked watching the couple of episodes that I did see! I thought it was thrilling and the ghosts were terrifying and for a while I kept seeing the lady in red even after I finished the episodes. I loved that there was a hearing impaired character and the use of the hearing aid to communicate with the ghosts and the flashbacks. I think this drama will definitely add to your Halloween feeling.

Thirteen Terrors

A group of teens searches for the dark truth behind their school’s mysterious and brutal history.


I ended up watching this because of Fon and then I realized it was an anthology. Some episodes were really good, while others weren’t as much and that is fine, a lot of people compare it to the Twilight Zone and I can respect that. The last episode used to be a standalone short film so I suggest watching the film vs the episode as the episode chopped a few bits.

Save Me

Sang Mi and her family move to Muji-gun, where she has no friends or relatives. There she meets four young men, Han Sang Hwan, Seok Dong Cheol, Woo Jung Hoon, and Choi Man Hee. When Sang Mi and her family face some tourble, Spiritual Father, Baek Jung Ki of Goosunwon, offers to help them. However, her family is slowly getting sucked into the pseudo-religious cult and the four young men try to help her.


Gahhhhh. Still thinking about this drama two years later. I just can’t and will probably never get over this. I went into this drama just expecting to see Taecyeon’s fine ass with NO idea what this shit was about. Each episode made my skin crawl and had my blood boiling. I keep wanting to do a rewatch, but I don’t know if I can put myself through this again.. Man do I love this drama! Sang Mi, YOU FUCKING SUPERSTAR!!


The murder of Emili, a young girl, leaves the inhabitants of a small Japanese village in shock. The raped body of Emily is found by the four classmates with whom she was playing. The murder is never solved. Emili’s mother, Asako (Kyoko Koizumi), is torn by grief and puts a curse on the four girls when they claim that they don’t remember the killer’s face. Each of the girls, in their own way, will do their penance for their silence. Deeply struck by the words of Asako and burdened with her curse, the four girls are forced into adulthood which eventually triggers a chain of events.


In the same breath of Save Me this drama was absolutely bonkers. It was one of the first Japanese dramas I had ever seen and I don’t regret it at all. Matter of fact, I have noticed that Japanese dramas tend to be way darker than Korean or Chinese dramas and I am 100% okay with that. The twist wasn’t quite as twisty for me but I liked it nonetheless. A few people didn’t like the ending, but I didn’t mind it at all.

The Master’s Sun

Joo Joong-won (So Ji-sub) is the cold and distant CEO of Kingdom, a conglomerate that includes a major department store and hotel. He meets the gloomy Tae Gong-shil (Gong Hyo-jin), who started seeing ghosts after an accident. Their lives take a new turn as they discover whenever Gong-shil touches Joong-won the ghosts that surround her disappear; after much pleading from Gong-shil to allow her to stay by Joong-won’s side in return she must help him recover a fortune that was stolen from him during a kidnapping attempt.


I wouldn’t feel complete and content in my heart if I didn’t include this cute fluffy ghostly drama. The whole premise was good and the execution wasn’t bad either but man if I don’t think they could’ve ended this shit three episodes earlier than they did. LOL. Anyways…. 꺼져!!!

Enjoy your thrills!

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