Something Spooky This Way Comes #4 – Ruled by Venus

Yes. The rumors are true! Today an angel was blessed and delivered into this world via c-section. A part of the reason I was inspired to do this whole feature was because it was my birthday month and also I love October, so naturally there was a little bit of narcissism involved. Unfortunately, I haven’t been having the best time this month due to both things in real life and the loss of Sulli, however, I am trying to persevere and move forward.

So last week we did Binge-Worthy Thrills, this week, in my honor it’s my favorite people that are ruled by Venus. I present you five of my favorite Libra Chinese actors. Each of the five were craftily selected for very vain, obvious and narcissistic reasons. Enjoy!

Bai Lu – September 23, 1994

Bai Lu caught my attention in King Is Not Easy and I was disappointed that at the time there was really nothing for me to binge watch with her. Flash forward to early this year, I stumbled upon The Legends and I was a goner. I am such a sucker for revenge stories and woman centric dramas, bonus points for it being historical fantasy as well. I think she is so stunning and across the four dramas I’ve seen she has a good foundation to become a definite monster. I enjoy that every role is different. She has had a little bit of controversy in the past, but that is exactly how I like em.. heheheheh. Her only flaw is that she is a September based Libra.

Bai Lu as Lu Zhao Yao

Movies/Dramas: King Is Not Easy, Untouchable Lovers, The Legends, Arsenal Military Academy, Lucky’s First Love

Janice Wu – September 26, 1992

Janice is an actual obsession. Like straight up OBSESSION. I am obsessed and in love with her. I first saw her in My Amazing Boyfriend, but if I’m keeping it cute and honest she didn’t really do much for me there and I actually couldn’t finish it. We fast forward a few months and I saw her in An Oriental Odyssey and sure enough I fell in love. Granted that show was a clusterfuck of nonsense she still managed to steal my heart. I know she seems to play similar roles from what I’ve seen so far but I can’t help that I still love her regardless. She’s so pretty and poised and deserves everything good and pure.

Janice Wu as Bai Luo Heng

Movies/Dramas: Fighter of The Destiny, My Amazing Boyfriend, The Fox Fairy Court, The Brightest Star In The Sky, Le Coupe De Foudre, One Smile Is Alluring, Love 020

Xiao Zhan – October 5, 1991

He is sooooo fine. Please. Listen. Let me talk to you for a moment Xiao Zhan. You’re like baby daddy #5 and I need you to come home to our children. They miss you. He captured my attention in Super Star Academy (please don’t ask me why I watched) and I’ve been in lust ever since. I’m so glad to see that The Untamed has propelled him into stardom and he’s getting more offers for dramas and movies. In all honesty, I’m willing to even try is drama with Yang Zi because I’ve fallen deep down into the rabbit hole.

Xiao Zhan as Wei Wu Xian

Movies/Dramas: Super Star Academy, Oh! My Emperor, The Untamed, Jade Dynasty, Fight Breaks Sphere, The Rookies

Zhang Yixing – October 7, 1991

“Nicki, Yixing isn’t an actor! He’s an idol!” Okay and???? Mind your fucking business. Yixing is bae. He is bias line in EXO and if you think he wasn’t gonna make this list then you’ve not gathered intel onto the fact that I am EXO-L first, human later. Yixing is self explanatory and I don’t need to say anything else other than I want to live in his dimple.

Yixing as Zhang Rui

Movies/Dramas: The Mystic Nine, To Be A Better Man, Operation Love, The Golden Eyes, Kung Fu Yoga, The Island

Deng Lun – October 21, 1992

So, like… people don’t even understand what Deng Lun means to me. Like he lowkey annoying and I hate that he’s more employed than my mans, Bin Bin, but that’s my motherfucking best friend! WE SHARE THE SAME BIRTHDAY. HE CONVERTED ME FROM A CDRAMA HATER WITH BECAUSE OF MEETING YOU!! Like some days I find him really attractive and other days I’m like meh. But over all this man is still my bestie, my ride or die!! I hope you had an amazing day bestie and naturally I’m gonna watch all your projects cause I do enjoy your acting and find you to be so endearing!

Deng Lun as Li Yun Kai

Movies/Dramas: Ashes Of Love, Sweet Dreams, Because of Meeting You, Fifteen Years Waiting For Migatory Birds, Ode To Joy, My True Friend, Mr. Fighting

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