Something Spooky This Way Comes #5 -Spooky Music Videos


This was supposed to be posted way before today but because I worked all weekend and then got sick, it was pushed back. Also, Sugar Baby decided to opt out on opinions on this so it’s just ME! I could have listed some more spooky videos but these are actually just my absolute faves. And sorry… no VIXX. Didn’t go for the obvious choice.

TT – Twice

When I think of Halloween centric videos, this one comes up immediately. It’s not a scary song or video but it reminds me of kiddie scary.

Peekaboo – Red Velvet

A weird witchy cult of girls who sacrifice pizza boys? Sign. Me. Up! This was the first song/video I heard/watched from RV and it gave me a great impression. Scary hot.

Married to the Music – SHINee

It’s embarrassing how many times I’ve seen this video. It’s probably also my favorite SHINee song too. It has a lot of Rocky Horror Picture vibes and I’m here for ALL of it. I mean, Key is getting his head chopped off. The hell?!

Jackpot – Block B

I am love with the creepy circus theme. It’s so fitting to the personalities of Block B and they really do this creepy but hot theme so well. I mean, I’d be scared being chased by them but also excited.

Pirate King (Zombie Ver.)

It isn’t a scary song or the official video but this was creepy as fuck. But I have never been more attracted to zombies before. Makes me want a Say My Name in zombie version.

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