Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Noble Guys (Onzoshi Boys)

Noble Guy (Onzoshi Boys)

Three high school girls are chosen among 700,000 applicants to be on the reality show “Marry the Prince”. They must find their true love in the four princes they encounter.


I know what you’re thinking.. “Huh? Why did Sugar Baby even watch this? The description isn’t even fun!” Well let me preface this review by saying that I am in like a really weird mental space and my impulsive behavior told me to click on this and then 18 episodes later here I am writing about it. Do I feel like I wasted 4.5 hours of my life? Not in the least.

To offer some assistance to the plot, we have four men who are super freaking rich and they embark on this journey to find wives via this show because they have to get married before age 25 and don’t want to suffer through arrange marriages. oh poor me, my parents are rich and I have money how ever can I survive this world. The four men all have complexes of some sort because awww rich people have feelings too. The three women of course embark on this journey because hello money!! and I respect that.

So here we have Japanese Bachelor in Paradise and if you’re wondering why there is four guys but only three girls it is because no piece of media can exist in which there is not a love triangle. The story was predictable even when it tried to throw a curve ball. Nothing was surpising and the problems that arose were shit that really shouldn’t have matter anyways but what do I know? I am not rich and do not understand the intricacy of wanting to become a manga writer or a sushi chef and not running the family business. However, I think the strength of this drama was with the fact that it was only 18 episodes in total and the episodes were only 15 mins each. I didn’t have time to marinate on how wack this whole setup was because it was already over.

All the characters were insipid and man I would kill to see a romantic Japanese drama where the female lead wasn’t poor, happy go lucky and ridiculously naive. (If yall have any suggestions let me know!) That being said, Mugi wasn’t all bad just basic as fuck and definitely my least favorite girl next to the mega bitch, Tsubaki. My favorite boy was actually, Teru, because I love guys with curly hair. My least favorite boy was Taiga and that was because he was so cute until he smiled; I don’t like his teeth. At this point you’re thinking to yourself, why such vain commentary? Because it is a vain drama. Yup yup. I don’t know why anyone fell for anyone except that someone said something nice and they kept thinking about it. There was apparently growth or whatever with the characters but yawn. I’m sorry but exactly why are 17 year olds promising men in their 20s to be with them forever? Mmm. These relationships cannot be sustained in any way, shape or form.

Overall, I think you could check this out if the depression kitty has snuck up on you like it did to me! Like, if you have better things to do, but can’t seem to get out of bed to do it then here’s something that’ll make four hours go by like nothing.

Acting: 6/10
Story: 6/10
Music: 6/10
Overall: 6/10
Recommend? Meh? If you wanna.
Fave Song: N/A

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