Thankful Unnies #2 – Fall Back

It’s fall so along with all the good things, comes an extra hour of sleep! Or as most say, the end of Daylight Savings Time. The little saying “Spring Forward, Fall Back” has inspired our post for today. We’re going to be listing some of our favorite November comebacks from the last decade!


Tempo – EXO Released: November 2, 2018

This whole comeback was magical and leave it to the kings to come out with a release at the end of the year and then own it. I mean, who can deny the best bridge EVER in k-pop. I know, a little obsessive but who gives a damn. It’s my bday month.

Peek-a-Boo – Red Velvet Released: November 17, 2017

This was my intro to one of my favorite girl groups ever. Now, the video concept was a little halloween but in the end, it was a November comeback and probably Red Velvet’s best album to date. I’m still waiting for a repeat. But until then, I’ll let this get stuck in my head. The new Ring Ding Dong anyone?

Run – BTS Released: November 29, 2015

This is not my favorite BTS song. But I can’t deny how good it is. The video was like BTS had some acting classes and the song really gets you going. When the chorus comes in, can’t help but jump around it it. Also, came out way before I even knew what a Bangtan Sonyeondan was. Ahhh the days.

Stop, Stop It – GOT7 Released: November 16, 2014

This may have been one of the first GOT7 songs I heard and it really made me want to hear more. The groove was addicting and the boys were cute. My favorite recipe. Now I’m a full igot7 and couldn’t go back if I wanted. The video? Intro to one of the cutest TWICE members and GOT7 had a questionable fashion past. So glad they’ve evolved.

Be My Baby – Wonder Girls Released: November 6, 2011

When this came out, I really wasn’t into anything k-pop. No idea what it was but when I did get into it, I had to go back to the history and this is one of my favorites. I adore the Wonder Girls and am so sad they’re disbanded because their brand of girl group is one of my faves. And this isn’t Nobody or Tell Me, but still a bop.


new – Yves (LOONA) Released: November 28, 2017

This actually my favorite of the predebut videos and my second favorite song. Look how Miss Yves ate that! The production as well is insane! I know a lot of people are more into Jinsoul and Kim Lip’s releases, but this is a fucking gold star. Maybe if they debuted with something this good they wouldn’t be broke as shit anymore.

Pray (I’ll Be Your Man) – BTOB Released: November 7, 2016

Listen by now you all know that I am not necessarily the biggest boy group stan. I used to like more bgs back in the day but I have found most of the new ones to have sounds that just morph into one. That being said, I was always partial to BTOB and it is because of this motherfucking song. This shit had me like YES PLEASE BE MY MAN, I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU OPPA. I don’t know why but the emotion that I feel every time I hear this song is unprecedented. Even playing it back right now I am like wow they snapped.

Playing With Fire – BLACKPINK Released: November 1, 2016

Wow imagine if this was like an September flashback or like any other month. I could never put a Blackpink song on a throwback list unless its April, June or August. THAT IS EMBARRASSING AS FUCK. Anyways… Three months after fucking shit up with one of the most prolific debuts in years, they returned with ‘Playing With Fire’. lmfao the fact that we have never gotten two Blackpink title tracks in a year LOLOLOLOL the fact that IKON had as many comebacks in 2018 that Blackpink had in their entire career lolol. The thing I love about ‘Playing With Fire’ the most is that it was able to utilize tropical house beats but didn’t sound insipid and played out. Matter of fact, Teddy kinda paved the way for this one. And even ole girl from that group that I won’t name tried to cop this style. The LONGEVITY of this song as well? Slayage.

Like A Cat – AOA Released: November 11, 2014

I don’t know if we will ever get a girl group like AOA again in this lifetime and I’m not saying that as like a dig or to be a kpop elitist but the dynamic of this group and the concepts they were so easily able to pull off from comeback to comeback is unmatched. I don’t wanna be a basic bitch but man I love the choreo of this song so much and I love seeing when people cover this and ‘Miniskirt’ cause they never do it quite like this. Ugh this MV is so sexy please.. I’m having a nosebleed.

Hush – Miss A Released: November 6, 2013

The levels of LEGENDARIC that this song and MV serves!!! Listen.. LISTENNNN…. I know this is like the only Miss A song that every new kpop stan knows because everyone and their mama has done a cover of this, except Blackpink but whatever you lame ass losers but listennnnnnn I WILL ALLOW IT. On G O D this shit is levels beyond what any of the kpop girls can deliver this generation. Like I am not sorry, I don’t make the rules. I’m not saying the new girls aren’t doing they thing, but like…. they certainly not doing THIS.

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