Thankful Unnies #1 – Favorite Yummies

It’s November! The best month in the world. Well… at least to me. The weather is no longer horribly humid, it’s crisp and time for sweaters. The nights are early and the clothes are to die for. I love a good bootie. I also love November because it’s the month of Thanksgiving! And…. My Birthday! I’m a Thanksgiving baby, gobble-gobble. With that, I wanted to do my own theme just like we had last month with spooky stuffs and Sugar Baby’s birthday.

So get ready for the last couple of weeks of this month to celebrate all things fall, comfort and birthday with us! First post we have dedicated to the theme is obviously food related. We’re going to share some of our favorite Korean/Korean inspired dishes that fill us up.

Lazy Unnie’s Favorites

STEAMED EGGS ( Gyeranjjim )

I LOVE this dish. When I first had it, I was wary because the idea of wet eggs wasn’t very pleasing. But the moment I had this, I burned my tongue and fell in love. It was hot but also tasty. It wasn’t over salty either. I know some eat this as an appetizer, but I could eat this and be done. I don’t even have the usual urge to add ketchup, which means it’s goooood.



I know this is simple, but this is the first Korean thing I ever made and I love it. I also love a hand roll sushi and this is the closest thing. love the addition of egg and pickled radish. It gives it the crunchy texture needed. There are a bunch of different variations of this, but I had the bulgogi and ham ones. They’re my favorites.


HOTTEOK (Sweet Korean Pancake)

Obsessed? I think so. I had seen this on variety shows and dramas way before I tried it. And when I did, I was actually shocked at how not overly sweet it was. It was like the perfect stuffed flat donut. I could do without the nuts or maybe a different kind, but having a hot one on a cold day is the perfect pair.


Sugar Baby Unnie’s Favorites

Japchae (잡채) 

I love noodles. Like noodles is half my personality for reals. So it should come as no surprise that I love this shit. It’s stir-fry noodles with veggie and beef. Literally so yum especially at 3 am on a Saturday after partying it up at the club.


Bibimbap (비빔밥)

I know this is basic as fuck, but like Bibimbap is fucking awesome. I love mixing my food together so naturally this meal is right up my alley. The restaurant by my home does a wicked beef that is so spicy and delicious, it goes perfect with a glass of red wine. When I find the recipe, I WILL share it.


Nakji-bokkeum (낙지볶음)

Also known as stir-fried octopus and you’re probably like “ew sugar baby!” and to that I say fuck yall. This shit is like crack! It is so gotdamn delicious, my mouth is watering thinking about it right now. Just slide a bowl of rice and I am set.


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