Thankful Unnies #4 – House of Jupiter

Let the fall babies unite! ITS MY BIRTHDAY BABY! The precious only child of my parents arrived into this world miraculously on this day some years ago. I am one of those people who freaking loves their birthday. I love the attention, gifts, food. Even when I have to share the day with Thanksgiving, I’m all about the thankful celebration of ME! As I get older, the celebrations are a little less extravagant but none the less, it’s one of my favorite days in the world.

Now to piggy back off of Sugar Baby, I want to highlight some of my favorite Sagittarius’ who light the world on fire 🔥

Park Chanyeol – November 27, 1992

He has been my ultimate since I’ve gotten into this whole k-pop world and I don’t see that changing any time soon. He basically is everything that I love about being a Sagittarius. He’s driven but free spirited. EXO wouldn’t be the group they are without the energy that he brings to the table. Doesn’t hurt that he’s sooooooo attractive. It’s me and this big baby Yoda to the end.

Park Seo Joon – December 16, 1988

Talk about amazing on the screen. His acting ability and his genuine personality comes across 100%. I love him so much that I can forgive that he’s a December Sagittarius. But in all seriousness, he makes me fall for his characters even when I know I shouldn’t. Yes, I’m talking about you She Was Pretty. He makes me swoon and know there are still good men in the world.

Jang Young Nam – November 25, 1973

Birthday twin!!! I will admit, it was hard finding people for this but when I saw that me and Young Nam share a day, I knew she had to join the list. Talk about a scene stealer. She has been my favorite in every drama I’ve watched her in and there is something comfortable about her that I love. My soul sister.

Gray – December 8, 1986

Again, it was hard to narrow down my Sags, but I knew I had to list my boy Gray. I mean, his name alone gives me chills. Almost every banger he’s produced has touched me in some way. And the creativity… that’s Sagittarius culture all the way. AND he’s the year of the tiger? Soulmate.

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