First Impressions: Psychopath Diary

Psychopath Diary

Genre: Comedy, Thriller, Mystery
Origin: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Air-date: November 20, 2019 to present
Starring: Yoon Shi Yoon as Yook Dong Shik, Jung In Sun as Shim Bo Kyung, Park Sung Hoon as Seo In Woo.
Episodes Seen: 2

The story of a man named Yook Dong-sik who coincidentally witnesses a murder and picks up the killer’s diary. While fleeing the scene, he gets into a car accident causes him to lose his memory. Due to the diary in his possession, he mistakenly believes that he is a psychopathic serial killer.


I’ve been giving so much content this week it must be throwing y’all for a loop! Hehehe. If you can’t tell ya girl has finally gotten some inspiration and creativity to write more and shit. We’ll blame it on this period of new beginnings according to my Co-star! So anyways, I feel compelled to give a brief tale on how I started my journey with this drama and then talk about my first impressions.

I have a slight affection for Jung In Sun ever since I saw her in Circle, not to mention how she killed it in Laughter In Waikiki! I was happy to see that she was getting more lead roles cause she deserves it! I don’t have any strong feelings towards Yoon Shi Yoon and find him to be a very capable actor. Therefore when this was first announced it wasn’t quite on my radar. This naturally changed when I saw the first teaser, but then I sort of forgot about it. Fast forward to last Friday when I went to lunch with my teammates at a Korean restaurant and this was playing in the background on one of the TVs and I thought “Oh shit, this actually does look interesting.” So here I am now.

Right off the bat, we are greeted with an arrest made for the serial killer who happens to be our male lead and then we are transported back to three months prior. They ensured that they were able to clearly highlight that our male lead was indeed a pushover nice guy that lacked a backbone, but interesting enough his choice of decor and interests didn’t mirror this. As for our female lead, I definitely see how she is hardworking and there’s something innately charming about In Sung, that for sure will have you sympathizing with her character all the way through. Even if shit inevitably hits the fan and she fucks something up, I imagine that I won’t be getting very upset with her for long throughout this drama. And then we have the actual psychopath played by Park Sung Hoon and I actually feel a sense of appreciation that they made him seem so charismatic because a lot of psychopath as history has shown, tend to be just that.

The pacing of the drama is a little bit slow so far and the plot is a little bit in-cohesive, but I trust that they may sort that out. I did find myself wanting to know more about the motivations of the serial killer and hope to see more glimpses of that. There is a hint of comedy and seriousness that I think are complimentary at times, but takes away the feeling of this being a thriller. For example, the scene in the second episode where they are in the restaurant and he is attacked by the gangsters, I couldn’t help but find it hilarious when he’s threatening to pour the hot oil down the gangster’s throat. Matter of fact, now that I think about it, the scenes where Dong Shik is supposedly tapping into his “psychopath blood”, are stupidly funny. Maybe it is because we as the audience, know he’s not this person so it rightfully feels inauthentic. I do feel like In Sung and Shi Yoon, have a good repertoire between them and that makes their scenes the ones I look forward to the most. I will not be actively watching this one as it strikes me as more of a “binge when completed drama”. I definitely do intend on completing it though, because I have so many questions that I need answered.

First Impression Score: 7.5/10 Bubble Teas

Happy Thanksgiving!

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