12 Days of Kristmas Countdown: Twelve Drummers Drumming

12 Kpop Christmas Tracks

Nothing gets you in the mood for Christmas like listening to some Christmas carols! In my case, you’ve likely been listening to carols since Nov. 1st. Here are some curated tracks to add to your holiday party playlist that gets us in the mood for Christmas.

Note: Choices identified in GREEN are from Sugar Baby, while choices in RED are from Lazy Unnie.

EXO – First Snow

Yes, I can find an EXO song for every occasion and what about it? They are MY boy group and will always be so. I love them dearly and nothing quite says Christmas like listening to First Snow. Even Korea acknowledges that this is the song to listen to whenever the first snow falls. I thought it was kind of poetic that we got snow on December 1st this year, but that was before I then had to shovel and clean away that mess. Not amused.

Taeyeon – Let It Snow

Queen of Christmas time. This is one of her funner songs off the This Christmas album. It’s upbeat and cute AF. It’s super jazzy and has that level of corny that you expect and crave around the holidays. What makes it better is that Taeyon could sing her way out of a paper bag and it would be amazing. This is no different.

Ailee – My Grown-Up Christmas List

I love Ailee’s voice, always have and always will. I hope that her venture into the US market will be a success. That being said, I love this song. I love every version of it that I have ever heard. I think that Ailee does a great job in capturing the magic.

GOT7 – Confession Song

Talk about a cute one. From the jingle bells in the background, to the cutest concept for a video, GOT7 makes me feel like I just double shot some hot cocoa with extra whip. Not to mention, the chorus just gets caught in your head. It reminds me of a Christmas song maybe NSYNC would release. Gets double thumbs up from me.

Urban Zakapa – Snowing

I know not a lot of people tend to enjoy this group but I find their music to be quite comforting. Thus, it show come as no surprise that I am fond of the atmosphere of this song. Whenever I hear this song, I want to grab a cup of hot cocoa with bourbon, my fuzzy socks and watch snow fall while I am waiting on my cookies to bake.

Jinho & Hui (Pentagon) – Happy Winter Song

I am a huge fan of R&B Christmas songs. And not many K-Pop artists dip in that pond often. But leave it up to one of my favorite vocalists to deliver. The combination of Jinho’s soulful voice and Hui’s pipes, it brings you a cute and vibey Christmas song.

 Taeyeon – This Christmas

I have definitely mentioned how Taeyeon is someone that I can always listen to especially when she does ballad or slow jams. Her voice is so emotive that even if she didn’t have the range, you could still feel everything and that is how I feel whenever I hear this or any of her Christmas releases. She does a startlingly impressive job of always capturing the essence of what makes Christmas time magical. I am also quite fond of the touching meaning behind this music video.

NCT Dream – JOY

When this came out, I legit listened to it on repeat for almost a month. It is THE perfect Christmas song. And that’s probably because it includes parts of classic Christmas songs but add Mark Lee giving some hot raps, I’m sold. Once December 1st hit, this was the first song I played.

B1A4 – It’s Christmas Time

Fun fact about me, I was unashamedly a BaNa. Yes, it did hurt when they split up. It hurt a lot. My heart ached. How do I deal with this heartache? By forgetting they exist! Unfortunately during Christmas, I have to welcome them back in. Why have we never gotten an official video for this one? SO MEAN.

EXO – Miracles in December

Can I even categorize this as a Christmas song when I listen to it all year round? Probably in my top five tracks from them, the song just hits me in the feels from the first key of the piano. Just thinking about it has goosebumps all down my arm. But it’s the combination of Chen, Baekhyun and D.O’s singing that really drives this one home. Yeah, it’s a sad Christmas song, but Chen singing those high notes make me happy.

TaeTiSeo – Dear Santa

I FUCKING LOVE TTS. YES I DO. LEGIT MY GIRLS. Now there is only Tae and it was hard to let go off. So this Christmas season pour one out for the homies and blast the album all the way. Going to tell my kids, this was Destiny’s Child. JK, I’m never having kids.

Starship Planet – Christmas Time

I love a good collaboration song, i.e We Are The World. Christmas Time by a mixture of Starship Artists (K.Will, Soyou, Boyfriend, MONSTA X, WJSN, Yoo Seung Woo, Jeong Sewoon, Brother Su, MIND U, and Duetto) falls right into that category. Even though I’m currently on the fuck Starship bandwagon, this song is a bop and the concept is stupid cute. It’s happy, pop filled and full of all that holiday cheer. Plus it’s nice to watch the video and see them all be fake happy together. It ticks all the Christmas checkboxes for sure.

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