12 Days of Kristmas Countdown: Eleven Pipers Piping

11 Fan Appreciation Moments

The bread and butter for idols are their fans! The loyal and faithful, which bulk buy albums and streaming passes. They snatch concert tickets as soon as they go on sale. They buy them gifts such as billboards, planes, stars and literal kingship to show their love. Granted some fans do get a little rabid and do the most, but every fandom comes with their good and their bad. We decided that what better way to honor the loyal disciples than to give you eleven moments in which our idols have shown their love and appreciation! And no, that doesn’t mean you’re getting a post full of shipper moments.

Note: Choices identified in GREEN are from Sugar Baby, while choices in RED are from Lazy Unnie.

SNSD’s Tribute To Fans

There is no shortage of gift songs in KPOP, as it is expected after a few years that a group will release a sentimental track that talks about their journey throughout the years and how much they appreciate all the support. Even though this song was released on their 9th anniversary, we never saw it performed live by all the members until during their Holiday fanmeeting for their 10th anniversary. The video is a little fuzzy, but the weight of the emotions can be felt. I think the girls understood that it was one of the last moments as a full group where they could meet SONEs.

EXO’s Kai says no to fat-shaming

There is a lot of fat-shaming, especially in the world of K-Pop. When EXO was on Guerilla Date, the MC had started shaming a fan on her weight, after she had just danced so well to their choreography. People laughed, but it was Kai who stepped in and showed his disdain for the comment. It wasn’t a big thing, but just him saying “Stop It” spoke volumes to Kai’s character and how he feels about his fans.

Hanbin’s Gift to iKONICS

Yeah, this is sad because B.I is technically not with iKON anymore. But he will always be our caring leader no matter what anyone says. Anyway, when the amazingly funny iKON TV was coming to an end, B.I composed a song for ikon’s fans promising to make them happy and how it feels to have ikonics by ikon’s side. They really do care.

Yubin’s Coffee & Lippies

As a member of a disbanded girl group that dominated Korea and helped paved the way for many girl groups to come, it is not easy venturing out on your own as a soloist. You wouldn’t have the massive support on the same level as before. Yubin understood this and showed her appreciation for the ones who stayed by her side when she rented out a café near her studio and gifted them with drinks and a makeup set!

EXO’s Feeding EXO-Ls

Nothing says we care like food!! During Ko Ko Bop Era, EXO prepared lunch boxes for EXOLs when they had to do the pre-recording for Inkigayo and then prepared a food truck with the banner “we won because of EXO-L today lunch is chicken!” EXO-Ls who received the meal said that it was delicious.

Kim Jongdae “Fansign Boyfriend”

It has been said that Kim Jongdae aka Chenny Chen of EXO, is amazing at fansigns. He even has the nickname ‘fansign boyfriend’. That is because he gives his undying attention to each person. His eye contact is amazing and he makes you feel as if you’re his only one. If that isn’t some fan appreciation, I don’t know what is.

GOT7’s Jackson says ‘Don’t Push!”

I hate how fans are always so close to the idols and sometimes causing harm. But there was this one moment where a fan was holding an umbrella over Jackson because it was raining and she got aggressively pushed. That didn’t sit well with Jackson. He made sure she was okay and he kinda blew up at the guy who pushed her. You can see it all here and some other times GOT7 cared for their fans.

Blackpink’s Guerilla Fanmeeting

Of course fanmeetings are very common in KPOP, but it was certainly touching to see Blackpink do this guerilla fanmeet that was announced only a day prior! The girls were filming their reality show and prepared gifts for the fans. The gifts included handmade sandwiches from Jisoo and Jennie. They even scolded the blinks who weren’t appropriately clothed for the cold weather!

EXID ‘DDD’ Part Switch

It is pretty customary for groups to make first place and views promises to their fans, EXID being no exception. They promised that if they got to a certain number of views during DDD era that they would do a part switch version! It was hilarious watching the girls have fun and be themselves.  

Taemin gets ‘Kicked Out’

This one is hilarious because it was Taemin’s attempt at fan appreciation that makes me howl. Taemin went into his own fan kakao chat room but instead of everyone thinking it was great, he got kicked out! He entered and sent proof that it was him but the fans were hella sus and started spamming the chat with memes OF Taemin and kicked him out thinking he was an imposter. He was eventually let back in but the fact that he got kicked out for impersonating… himself is pure gold.

Twice’s ‘Descendants of the Sun’ Parody

Reality shows are ways that idols try to give fans a closer look into who they are. The girls filmed TWICE’s Private Life and thought of different activities to allow fans to see their individual personality and positive energy. During episode 5, they did a parody of well-known drama Descendants of the Sun and it was delightful. Nothing quite beats doing parodies! Just ask Big Bang!

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