12 Days of Kristmas Countdown: Ten Lords-a-Leaping


Ten Commandments speaks for itself! What better way to have some fun than to create our own ten commandments. These Ten Commandments should not be taken seriously and are a composite of Kdrama clichés. Some of which we may love and some of which truly annoy us. It is your duty to guess which falls where! Hehehe. Here we go!

First Commandment

Thou shall have a male lead that suffers from mommy or daddy issues because no one wants a fully functioning male lead that does not suffer from trauma. How else will our female lead be the family that he needs and teach him that love conquers all the things he should go to therapy for?

Second Commandment

The female lead shall be vibrant, resilient and self-sufficient in the beginning of the drama then lose that capability and all sensibility when she falls in love because we become fools when we fall in love.

Third Commandment

The female lead shall not gain the approval of the male lead’s family until at most two episodes before the drama ends while the male lead shall be immediately loved by the female lead’s family during the first meeting to the point where they end up wanting to adopt him and hate their own useless child.

Fourth Commandment

The families presented in a Kdrama shall only be the poorest of poor (with the latest cellphone and a rooftop apartment) or the richest of rich (and make no mistake on showing that they are indeed filthy rich). There is no in between.

Fifth Commandment

Thou shall have a scene in a kdrama where one or both of the lead gets drunk and either a) cries and does something stupid or b) gets angry and does something stupid. This scene is further amplified when female leads gets a cozy piggy back from the male lead.

Sixth Commandment

The male lead shall grab the female forcefully whenever she tries to walk away from him. Make sure the grab is only between the elbow and wrist because anywhere below or above will leave a scar and that will be abuse.

Seventh Commandment

Thou must have a scene where the male and female lead travel together either via the male lead’s car or public transportation. If it is via public transportation please make sure it is either a) so crowded that the male lead is forced to stand behind her and protect her from the shakiest bus or b) have only two seats so that the male lead can be her travel pillow as she falls asleep from tirelessly working so hard.

Eighth Commandment

The female lead’s female best friend shall only exist for one of two reasons: a) gush about how great the male lead is or b) talk about how bad the female villain is. Under no circumstance should they discuss anything else like goals, dreams or aspirations.

Ninth Commandment

Thou shall have a scene where the male lead showers while contemplating his life and struggles of being rich and handsome. Bonus points if this scene takes place in a locker room and we are welcomed to a buffet of naked chests.

Tenth Commandment

The first kiss shall last a minimum of 10 seconds or it is not a kiss. The kiss must be filmed in slow motion and from various angles. As this kiss typically happens at the end of the episode, it MUST be replayed for at least a minute during the next episode.

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