12 Days of Kristmas Countdown: Nine Ladies Dancing

9 Dancers Dancing

We decided to go a little literal with today’s post and indeed choose nine dancers dancing. We both did a different kind of approach to this in the way we chose which dance choreography/covers to share. I, Sugar Baby, went the route of picking a few idol main dancers and showing some of my favorite dances as a step away from just knowing them as a part of their groups. Meanwhile, Lazy Unnie, wanted to share some of her favorite dances in general! For our ninth pick we chose something that satisfied both our criterions! We hope you enjoy!

Note: Choices identified in GREEN are from Sugar Baby, while choices in RED are from Lazy Unnie.

Jay Park – All I Wanna Do

I think it’s safe to say that Jay Park is my favorite dancer in the KHH realm. Even when he was in 2PM, I could see he was destined for more. This video is like a staple of his style of dance and I’m here for it. I’m gonna be basic and call him the Korean Chris Brown of this generation. And throw all the ! MILLION dancers in the mix, it’s like a smorgasborg of the best.

Momo – Crazy In Love feat Mina

I genuinely think Momo is one of the most talented main dancers in KPOP’s current generation. I would love to see her do more official dance covers and show more of her strength in choreography. I loved that she was on Hit The Stage because we were able to see her beyond the cute dances that Twice always serves. Also, I loved that Mina was also on this stage because she nailed these expressions.

Taeyong & Mark from NCT 127 – Hey Look Ma, I Made It feat Sean Lew

This almost didn’t make the list cause I forgot and wanted to smack myself for it. I have been watching Sean Lew on youtube for years and he’s an incredible dancer. Now add Taeyong and Mark, I get chills. It was really nice to see both idols do something that wasn’t for their own style. You could see the mixture of the styles. I would call it a lyrical hip-hop style. Everything about this just fit.

Seungyeon – Naughty Girl

This year I got fed because Seungyeon did want I was craving and gave me monthly choreography videos! I loved seeing her little covers on vlive and the fact that she presented us with choreography that she worked on with Hyujin is great. I even remembered seeing her practice traditional dances and her performances at ISAC and thinking how criminally underrated she is.

J-HO from Just Jerk – Home (BTS)

This one doesn’t feature an actual idol but J-HO is one of my favorite Just Jerk choreographers. His style is just so slick and tight, I get chills every time I watch it. I wish this was the actual dance for Home because I could see BTS killing this.

Hyoyeon, Yixing, Jongin – Centipede + COCO

Listen.. There are many cuts of Yixing and Jongin dancing that I could have chosen because they are excellent and my two favorite males to watch dancing. So naturally, I had to choose the video where I have both AND Hyo. Hyo has Korea’s strongest scalp, but is also a wonderfully, charismatic dancer. She has such an aura about her that is insane to watch.

Lia Kim & Jo Kwon – Lemon (N.E.R.D feat Rhianna)

I was going to use the other video for this but then I found one with just Lia and Jokwon. This is short but left me shooketh. It was the first time I seen a male idol dance so feminine and I was living for him. He reminded me of some of my favorite drag queens, killing it with those red heels. The dance itself isn’t complicated but it is the sass and attitude that brings this one to life.

Yooa, Junsun – Keeping Your Head Up

Y’all know I be talking about YooA all the damn time. You know how much I love her and how I think she didn’t get enough clout as the magnetic main dancer that she is. I introduce you to the first video I saw of her outside of Oh My Girl and why I fell head first, deep in love.

Hoya x Cho Hyo Jin – Close

I’m a huge So You Think You Can Dance fan. This piece is reminisce of something I would see on that show and I get goosebumps just watching. Hoya really did something that was so outside of what we think of the average idol dancer. To see him do such a sensual partner dance was breathtaking. And Cho Hyo Jin….there are no words.

No words, just empty thoughts. Seriously this is just positively memorizing and I remember my reaction when I had first seen this on a shitty live stream (we’ve really come far) and this deserved everything and more. Hoya tore that stage allllllllll the way up.

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