12 Days of Kristmas Countdown: Eight Maids-a-Milking

8 Stunning Visuals

We all acknowledge how beautiful our Korean entertainers are! After all it is how most of us got sucked into this mess. Just like the eight beatitudes aka blessings that were recounted by Jesus, we have been blessed with faces that were a gift from God! or Dr. Miami but that’s okay. Here are some gorgeous people that we love staring at.

Note: Choices identified in GREEN are from Sugar Baby, while choices in RED are from Lazy Unnie.

Han Ye Seul

I have such a soft spot for Han Ye Seul that I cannot explain. Maybe it’s because she’s been branded as a diva or problem child. Or maybe it’s her shady past that is more attractive than the porcelain that these other Korean celebrities pretend to be, but one thing is for sure, she has a very attractive face. I know Knetz hated her phase of getting her hair colored and now the tattoos, but I like it. I like that she is unashamedly living her life by her rules. We need more of this.

Ji Chang Wook

So I drank the Koolaid this year and got on the Ji Chang Wook train. I had seen people talk about how amazing and hot he was but it wasn’t until I really took the chance and watched Suspicious Partner and Healer that I was like YAS DADDY GET IT! And he can. He can get this all day, every day, weekends and holidays. That’s how attractive he is.


Nana was one of the first KPOP stars that I thought was absolutely stunning before I actually invested time in KPOP. I used to be a casual After School fan cause I loved me some Kahi. Then I saw her in Orange Caramel and she was so funny and sweet. She is stingy af though. She couldn’t share her plastic surgeon with the rest of her team smh. I know her ass has one of the best!


This is basic bitch exhibit one. V. Everyone can see how attractive this boy is. I mean, even the locals are wowed by his visuals. Taehyung was one of the first idols that I was taken aback at how visually gorgeous he was. Even in those stupid ass headbands, he has this boyish charm that also says “I’m going to ruin you one day”. Has he been touched by the “angel knife”? Who knows. But if he was, bless that surgeon with everlasting health.

Jung So Min

I really fell for her beauty when I watched her in Because This Is My First Life. It’s such a girl next door look and I’m here for it. Some may not think she’s a top visual, but for me, her looks are spot on for a leading lady.

Lee Soo Hyuk

I know he isn’t everyone’s style but there is something about his face even pre-nose job that I find so damn attractive. He is indeed a well deserved member of the model avengers. He is also a well rounded actor. I have enjoyed him in everything that I’ve seen with him and I miss him dearly. I can’t wait to see his new project!


Basic Bitch exhibit two. This one goes without saying much. She is flawless. The beauty could be seen from space. The kind of beauty Irene has is a classic one I could only compare to people with the last name Hepburn. Honestly, everyone loves Irene and her visuals hold the weight in Korea. She literately tops almost every visual list you look at and is worthy of it. I just wish she had a personality to match.

Cha Eun Woo

Listen, I have had a torch for Eun Woo ever since I saw him on Sweet Revenge. I pretended to stan Astro just because he was in it. He is very attractive guys. Like super attractive. Like attractive enough to have me legitimately sit through his terrible acting just to stare at that face that was hand crafted by God. He just needs to get into a proper acting school and stop singing or at the very least just let me stare in silence. Yes, I am basic and yes, I would risk it all. Allllllllll.

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