12 Days of Kristmas Countdown: Seven Swans-a-Swimming

7 Awesome Albums

So the seventh day is seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. We decided to talk about seven albums and our unboxing of said albums because in a way these physical albums are gifts after all. The excitement that we get when the amazon or ups courier drops off our album after two weeks to a month of waiting when everyone else on your timeline has already received theirs? The way we tingle and hope that we get a photocard of our bias or at the very least one of the sexier looking members! Ahh Priceless.

Note: Choices identified in GREEN are from Sugar Baby, while choices in RED are from Lazy Unnie.

Perfect Velvet – Red Velvet

Here’s a shocker about me! My first physical album that I purchased was Red Velvet’s “Rookie”. I own all their albums right up to Perfect Velvet. As far as I’m concerned, they haven’t really released any new music since Peek-A-Boo.. Occasionally I will count Bad Boy. They were actually my second favorite third generation group, but now I am numb. Anyways, back to the album. I LOVED the packaging so much. It mirrored the content of the MV so much. I adored that the case was a pizza box and that the CD was a pizza. I don’t remember which seller I ordered the album from, but I did pull the typical Genie passes and a Seulgi photocard and some hella random pics that looked like they were from Rookie era. Overall, it was a solid physical that I enjoyed.

Eyes On You – GOT7

This was my first k-pop album purchase. I went down to K-Town and when I said I wasn’t going to spend any money, I saw this and knew I had to get it. But this was when I had no idea about how the different versions worked so it took me like 20 minutes to pick which version I was going with. And I was super happy! It didn’t really matter which cards I pulled because I bias every member, but it really started my collection of Youngjae photocards. I have the most of his now. I love the way this one was because it came with so much! The poster, a little photo book on top of the usual photobook. And then I got a free poster of the whole group too. Everything about this was perfect. I couldn’t even wait to get home to open it, so I just opened it in the Food Gallery next door to the shop.

The Clan Pt. 2.5: The Final Chapter – Monsta X

Yes, yes, yes. I own a physical album of a boy group that is not EXO. I even bought this with my own money. *gasps* So going into this album, I really wanted a Minhyuk photocard because I was feeling Kihyun a bit too much and felt like I was betraying Minhyuk. I bought the Beautiful version because I liked the colors and my intention was to get the other versions later on my wish list. When I unboxed, I saw a lot of cards and I got a IM photocard. I actually ended up also getting a Kihyun transparent photocard AND poster. I was a goner, he officially became my double bias. Hhehehe. I haven’t purchased a physical MX album since, but this album and title ended up being very close to my heart.

An Ode – Seventeen

First Seventeen album and I had to go to a whole ass different country to get it! I was in Toronto over my birthday and went to one of their k-pop centric stores and this was the LAST version of Poet. So it was coming home with me, no questions asked. With this last release, Seventeen played themselves and put out so may version and then put FOUR photocards in each. I mean, how is someone supposed to survive when all they want to do is collect?! But I’m really happy witch my choice because the visuals for this package was A1. The outside is so soft and lush. I live. I didn’t get any of my biases but my wreckers came for me. I see you Hoshi.


To absolutely no one’s surprise I indeed own Blackpink’s first physical album. I had ordered Kill This Love but then I realized Jennie rapped on zero songs so I cancelled that shit and got my money back. I will not purchase another Blackpink physical until I get main rapper Jennie back. So on to the album, I was super excited for this one! I was excited because it was my first album from my ULT girl group. I was so excited that I purchased both the pink and black versions at the same time even though I have no freaking CD player!!!! I ended up getting a lot of shit with the albums tbh. Most I have ever received with any albums. Naturally, I pulled a Jennie photocards from both albums because I have such good luck of always pulling my bias whenever I first purchase an album from that group. I also got Chaelisa photocards and none for Jisoo. I didn’t like the poster as much because it was horizontal on one side and vertical on the next. Fortunately, I did have two albums so that meant two posters hehee. Sighs. It was fun when I did this unboxing, I miss the pinks.

Emergency: Quantum Leap – X1

This was the first time I decided to do a group order for an album. It is the MOST stressful thing ever! The wait, the trying to pay at a certain time so you get a chance at your first pick. But in the end it was worth it! I got almost everything I asked for. Two main bias picks is big! Another thing that makes this album a bit special was the photocard. Aside from the fact it’s my baby Seungyoun, it’s an AR card. I had no idea what the fuck it was supposed to do but when you look at it with this special app, the card gets on its Harry Potter and moves! It was the cutest thing and I really hope other albums start doing this.

Don’t Mess Up My Tempo – EXO

DMUMT was actually my my first EXO album I purchased. I went into Target on a whim and there it was. One of two copies left and I NEEDED it. I didn’t know who to hope for but at that point, I didn’t care. So when I got home and opened it, who is my photocard? My ULT Park Chanyeol!

I was super excited for my DMUMT album mainly because I really wanted a Minseok photocard because as odds would have it, even though I own every EXO physical album including repackages, I have NEVER received a Minseok photocard. That was until this time. I also had walked into Target because I was told the album would be on the shelves and bought one where I pulled Kyungsoo. That Kyungsoo photocard is currently on my desk at work and everyone stops by to ask me who he is and I say that it is my best friend who is in the military. Heheh.

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