12 Days of Kristmas Countdown: Six Geese-a-Laying

6 Debut Songs

IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED THE EARTH, thus we are throwing it back to some of our favorite debut songs. The creation of these groups and how they ate that shit up.

Note: Choices identified in GREEN are from Sugar Baby, while choices in RED are from Lazy Unnie.

Girls Generation – Into The New World

Imagine a world where we discuss debut songs and this does not make the list? This right here is creation. This song?? I have seen a million performances by 900 different girl groups. This song will be covered straight up until KPOP causes the world to explode. Girls Generation did THAT with this one. Look at their faces!! None of them even look like that anymore. lol

Jonghyun – Déjà-Boo (feat. Zion.T)

We already were gifted with SHINee Jonghyun, but when he went solo… the world couldn’t be prepared. You could see how R&B heavy his sound was. It was something different than the typical sound we had been hearing from SHINee and even other groups already. I think having Zion.T on the track really solidified the kind of artist Jonghyun, the soloist, wanted to be.

Miss A – Bad Girl, Good Girl

Oh yes, let us talk about the way Miss A came out storming! They truly had the fan fare and everything that made them stand out. The girls all looked good. They delivered. Bae Suzy debuted and the Korean entertainment world was never the same. I actually really liked Miss A and I hate the way they ended but it was inevitable.

Seventeen – Adore U

Seventeen… with 13 members? Yes, the math was a little off but what wasn’t was this song. They showed that even with a shit ton of members, they can produce their own stuff, come with the killing vocals and have the synchronization of some Olympic swimmers. The song was what you expected from a debut boy group, i.e SHINee Replay. It was happy, dancey and showed off their charm. Well done 1-13.

4Minute – Hot Issue

Hyuna is definitely the idol with the longest history of debuting in multiple groups and units right? RIGHT? Anyways from good ole JYP and Wonder Girls to CUBE’s 4Minute. I like this song.. It takes me back. We don’t hear things like this no more. Matter of fact 4Minute had such spectacular singles and albums, but no one gives them their dues. Everyone is too busy thinking about Crazy and Hate. smhh.

DAY6 – Congratulation

What we aren’t going to talk about is the fact that this isn’t the current line up. What we WILL talk about is how addicting this song is. There is no doubt that they are killing it in the K-Rock genre. The song is emotional and the best kind of break up song.

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