12 Days of Kristmas Countdown: Five Golden Rings

5 Gayo Stages

So this has nothing to do with either the literal translation or the biblical translation and I can’t logically think of why we decided on Gayo stages BUT that’s the decision and it’s been made so enjoy! Hehehe.

Note: Choices identified in GREEN are from Sugar Baby, while choices in RED are from Lazy Unnie.

KBS 2013 – Dance Symphony

This is nostalgic for me because I miss how creative and fun KPOP used to be back in the day. I actually love this stage so much. It’s my absolute favorite to watch when I’m in a bad mood. The thing is that so much has happened since to the various people in this clip that is gives me a bittersweet feeling. My favorite part of this clip is how everyone did something that was representative of the era of music. I loved seeing Fei and Changsung the most in all honesty. Rest In Peace, Goo Hara. 💛

KBS 2014 – Power Performance (2PM, VIXX & BTS)

This was one of the cutest, goofiest things I ever came across. I never saw this live before it was before my KPOP time. But seeing the playfulness of these groups that usually have hard personas was nice. I mean, you can’t looks hard in some hammer pants. When all the groups come together, you can’t help but smile.

SBS 2016 – Big Bang

This is another bittersweet pick for me. I actually chose this stage because it was the last performance of them as a group. It was fun and energetic and one of my favorites. In all honesty, I’ll never be able to look at Big Bang the same ever again within good reason. So I guess this is my way of saying goodbye to an era.

SBS 2016 – Opening

This opening was massive and I hate that I never saw this live. I mean, to have it be so vast with the different genres. (Couldn’t find a video with the rock section.) I the classical and modern dance was breath taking. Henry playing the violin? Slay. N on point!!! All of it, graceful.

Then they said, lets kill you with the street team. OMG. Yugyeom, Jinyoung and Ten?! Lisa, Seulgi, YooA and Eunjin… QUEENS! Then Taemin said hold my drink… the king is here.

Then they all just come together and show how they all are so versitle and the talent jumped all the way out. I’m a sucker for things like this. Side note: Baekhyun looks so cute!

SBS 2018 – EXO

The level of Big Dick Energy that came from them is out of this world. Sehun. ATE IT. Baekhyun. ATE IT! They said, we the mother fucking kings, now watch us do what we do best.

I don’t think I need to say anything because it is self-explanatory. Y’all know how I feel about EXO at this point. These boys are my boys. Always.

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