12 Days of Kristmas Countdown: Four Calling Birds

4 Drama Gospel

The Gospels! Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. This is self explanatory of course. We decided on for Kdramas that we consider to be Gospels and that every Kdrama watcher must watch at least once. Granted there are more than these four dramas that should be on every watcher’s watchlist.

Note: Choices identified in GREEN are from Sugar Baby, while choices in RED are from Lazy Unnie.

The Heirs

Kim Tan is the heir to Empire Group who has been sent to study abroad in the U.S. In reality it’s a form of exile, as his elder half-brother back home schemes to take over the family business. While in the States, Kim Tan meets Cha Eun Sang, who arrived from Korea in search of her older sister. He feels himself falling for her, never realizing that she’s the daughter of his family’s housekeeper. When his fiancée Rachel Yoo arrives to bring him back to Korea, his heart is torn between love and duty.


If you’re looking for the poor girl-rich boy high school dynamic series, this is the biggest staple. Outside of BOF. Which surprisingly both feature Lee Min Ho. This has the backstabbing, the horrible families, the lead with mommy AND daddy issues. The second lead who is an ass but learns to love? It also helps that this was filled with some of the hottest in dramaland of this decade. If it didn’t have so much damn crying, I’d re-watch right now.

Boys Over Flowers

Jan Di, the Heroine, is the poor but bright girl who has a strong sense of justice and full of vitality. She transfers to an exclusive high school where only the rich go. In there, she encounters with the four rich and quirky boys and experiences love and friendship.


When I think of a drama that is a staple in the hallyu wave we can trace it all the way back to some classics like Autumn in My Heart or Stairway To Heaven. I chose BoF because I don’t think that you can exist as a Kdrama fan and not watch the exhausting, trifling, mess of a cliche that is this show. You cannot pass Go on the Kdrama monopoly if you don’t watch this!! Listen this drama is the poster boy for many more drama tropes to come. Fuck a storyline. Tsundere lead? Check. Second lead syndrome? Check. Annoying female lead? Check. Cunty mother in law? Check. Rich man, poor woman? Check. Amnesia? Check. Do I need to go on? Lol seriously though. This needs to be watched because it is the basis of every rant you will make about any drama you will every watch.

Secret Garden

The drama tells the story of Kim Joo Won, an arrogant and eccentric CEO who maintains the image of seeming perfection, and Gil Ra Im, a poor and humble stuntwoman whose beauty and body are the object of envy amongst top actresses. Their accidental meeting, when Joo Won mistakes Ra Im for actress Park Chae Rin, marks the beginning of a tense, bickering relationship, through which Joo Won tries to hide a growing attraction to Ra Im that both confuses and disturbs him. To complicate matters further, a strange sequence of events results in them swapping bodies.


I think the reason this is such a staple in dramaland is because it combines so many tropes and it doesn’t get bogged down. Rich Man/ Poor Woman, Enemies to Lovers, Body Swap? Yep. Even some damn body swapping thrown in the mix for good measure. But what saves this from being SO corny is the strong female lead and really compelling acting from both Hyun Bin and Han Ji Won as the leads. This is a right of passage show. So many others have come after and are better cause of it. I also loved how the end, was really wrapped up nicely. Something you don’t always get in dramaland.

Coffee Prince

A tomboy is mistaken for a young man, but maintains the deception for the sake of employment. The situation becomes complicated when her male boss begins to develop feelings for this “boy” and vice versa.


I feel like I have talked about this drama enough on this blog that I don’t need to say anything else. Do yourself the favor and watch my absolute favorite Korean Drama.

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