12 Days of Kristmas Countdown: Three French Hens

Faith, Hope, Charity

Faith. Charity. Hope. These are foundations that should exist in every relationship be it romantic or platonic. We decided that we would pick three couples that we best believe encapsulated these virtues. Enjoy!

Note: Choices identified in GREEN are from Sugar Baby, while choices in RED are from Lazy Unnie.

Faith – Fight For My Way

Ko Dong Man & Choi Ae Ra

From their journey from childhood to adulthood and friendship to lovers, these two had faith. Faith in each other and the bond that they shared. The way Ae Ra would still support Dong Man in his journey of UFC fighting, even when she was terrified, it was remarkable to watch. The confidence that Dong Man had when it came to his love for Ae Ra… maybe that’s why they’re one of my favorite drama couples.

Charity – Lawless Lawyer

Bong Sang Pil & Ha Jae Yi

The idea of Charity is an unselfish and giving love. I thought that Bong Sang Pil and Ha Jae Yi were the perfect couple that exhibited this kind of selfless love. More specifically, Bong Sang Pil was very giving and generous with his love towards Jae Yi. He was her guardian as she grew into the lawyer that she became. Sang Pil felt like it was his duty to ensure that she was safe and protected because her mother had saved his life. He was very thoughtful and respectful towards her especially with the decisions he made. He allowed her to work as his office manager when she lost her job as a lawyer in Seoul. He gave her time to process her emotions when she found out about the judge and her mother. He encouraged her to do her best on the cases and he constantly surprised her. I know that my saying all of this makes it sound like he was a whipped puppy and she was a damsel in distress, but that’s the furthest from the truth. I think one of the reasons I have such an emotional connection to this drama is because of how compatible these two were as a couple. There was no bullshit misunderstanding or jealous ex or none of that excessive tropey stuff. Just a couple that worked through their shit together.

Hope – Extra-Ordinary You

credit: tumblr mufalo

Eun Dan Oh & Ha Ru

Believe it or not it was very hard to find a couple that we mutually agreed on for Hope mostly due to how little dramas interested between us. Granted, Lazy Unnie is newer to the Kdrama scene and still has so much more to cover and Sugar Unnie was very picky about the drama couples that did overlap. We settled on Dan Oh and Ha Ru because they seemed to satisfy our needs. They are a young couple who transcended literally space and time to be together. Even before Dan Oh knew who he was, she was hopeful that he would change her destiny. Ha Ru tried relentless to do just that. It wasn’t just the hope they had in each other but it was the hope they had in themselves that also stood out. Dan Oh’s sureness that she wasn’t going to adhere to her set up and live that really fueled Ha Ru’s hope that he could really be that hero for her. They defied the will of the writer countless times with their unrelenting love for each other.

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