It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye… No it’s not! SEE-YA 2019!

Not only is 2019 coming to an end but so is the last decade. Personally, it’s not been my favorite but just like this year has shown, good and bad things have made it one wild ride. Let’s say goodbye to 2019’s highs, lows and the shocking turns in between.

Ripped From The Headlines

It seemed like Korean Entertainment was living in their own Law & Order: SVU episode from week to week. Sex and Corruption were on the docket and people ate it up with a spoon. What started off as an investigation of embezzlement, drug use and sex crimes at the club Burning Sun which was co-owned by Big Bang’s now ex-member Seungri, quickly spiraled out to the neighboring scandal of sex crimes caused mainly by Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong Hoon. Over the first half of the year, horrific details of gang rape and unconsented sex videos had come to light through KaKaoTalk chat room messages meant to aid the investigations into Burning Sun. Of the people who were named to have participated in the chat room and felt the heat. Some even eventually leaving their groups like Yong Junhyung from Highlight.

Till Death or pre-nup

The only scandals that happened in 2019 didn’t just involve musicians and their sexual tastes. There were also two breakups that shook the actor world. Less than 2 years after their “I Do’s” Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo called it quits. It came as a shock since they were basically the top of the relationship chain of recent years. Unlike their star attended wedding, their divorce went with very little fanfair.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the breakup of Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Jaehyun. 3 years of marriage isn’t a long time but the amount of back and forth these two did on their social media felt longer. Both of them took to airing out their dirty laundry and posting all the receipts on instagram. It was messy and a trainwreck that you really couldn’t look away from.

And the band played on… or Not

I don’t think I can even call these scandals because they are more like stabs to the hearts. As is expected, groups come and go but this year there felt like there was an overwhelming amount of members who left or was forced to leave their groups.

There was B.I and Wonho from iKON and MONSTA X respectively, who announced their departures due to past scandals coming to light. The amount of discontent from fans have taken over social medias. Hashtags trend daily for the return of Wonho. Even rookie group Stray Kids wasn’t a stranger to the member cuts. Right before their latest release, it was announced that Woojin had left the group and the album would be pushed back almost a month.

Girl groups weren’t safe either. Both MOMOLAND and Cherry Bullet lost multiple members. And even The Boyz and ONF lost both Hwall and Laun from their lineups. At one point this year, I was just waiting to see who would be next.

Shinning Stars

There were a lot of dramas this year that had people talking and some of the actors and actresses stole our hearts.


Coming off from one of the most talked about dramas of 2018/2019, SKY Castle, Hye Yoon landed herself a leading role in Extra-Ordinary You. She was captivating and adorable and showed her charms to be a leading lady.


Talk about breaking the hell out. This rookie actor is taking the world by storm. His role in Search: WWW was hella charming and he showed how he could be a romantic leading man. In Extra-Ordinary You, that bad boy persona worked with his sharp features and deep commanding voice. For only being 21, he has the air of someone doing this for many years.


We all know Park Jinyoung from GOT7. Or Park Jinyoung the support role actor. But 2019 gave us Park Jinyoung the leading man. Barring it all (almost) in He Is Psychometric, Jinyoung showed how he could carry a show and look good doing so. I can see him following in other successful idol actor’s footsteps in the coming year. If JYP gives him the leadway to do so.

Zzzz…. Slept on Tracks of 2019

There was so much music released this year from new groups and from older ones that people just didn’t give the right amount of love. Here are some bops that you should still bump going into the new year.

Regulus – ONEWE

Blah – 1THE9




BIM BAM BUM – Rocket Punch


FUCK 2019… WASSUP 2020

As we near the end of the decade, looking back we realized that 2019 was as shitty as the year before but here we are at the end hoping that 2020 brings well wishes and prosperity for us and our readers. See ya next decade!

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