Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: My Little Princess

My Little Princess

Genre: Comedy, Romance, School
Origin: China
Episodes: 16
Air-date: Aug 11, 2016 to Sept 21, 2016
Starring: Zhang Yu Xi as Lin Xing Chen, Mike Angelo as Jiang Nian Yu, Kenji Chen as Zheng Chu Yao, BeBe Chang as Yu Yang Yang

Lin Xing Chen has everything in life. She is rich, beautiful, and adored by all. She is also cursed with the fate that any man she likes will not like her back. She begins a difficult journey to win the heart of a rich heir. Standing in her way to a happily-ever-after is a sweet, compassionate but poor girl and a smart, multitalented but poor boy.


Previously, I had started this drama three times within the last two years and each time I never made it beyond 10 minutes. So how did I make it through all sixteen episodes this round? Peak boredom? I don’t know. I guess when a bitch is bored, a bitch just be watching shit. I needed something mindless while I waited on Joy of Life subs. SEE FRAME OF MIND! As I made my way through episode after episode I kept saying to myself that I really should just stop this, but I didn’t because I’m not a weak ass bitch and also it wasn’t really like I was wasting any time. Granted, it did take me longer to get done with episodes 13 through 16 which I could just say is due to my inability to complete dramas, but that would mean doing some self-reflection and I don’t fuck with that. IT WAS THE DRAMA’S FAULT FOR BEING SO DUMB AND DRAGGING ON SHIT THAT NO ONE CARED ABOUT.  

Of all the Chinese dramas that I have gorged on in the last two years since I have started watching them, this by far has to be the one that feels like a standard typical Korean Drama. Maybe it was due to it being sixteen episodes and not nine million, but I got such a strong Kdrama vibe from it. The story was very simple and surface level. It was a ‘what you see is what you get’ type of situation. I felt like it mirrored your typical Boys over Flowers narrative, except that our female lead isn’t a poor moron, but a rich moron instead. She was cursed with the fate that any man who she likes will not like her back. Who cursed her? Idk.. My main problem with this story was how painfully unaware the characters were during the crucial moments. I could not understand how they would openly say things or do things with no regard to who could be easily eavesdropping/watching. I also laughed at how unbelievable the scenes of them being in the orchestra and playing the instruments were—THEY DIDN’T EVEN SYNC UP WITH THE MUSIC. Speaking of synching up, the editing…. Yall.. Yall….. YALL….. I kid you fucking not, there are episodes where they use stock photos while transitioning to another scene and THE FUCKING SHUTTERSTOCK WATERMARK IS RIGHT THERE.

Now let me tell you about the four leads; A spoiled girl with princess syndrome, a reliable male genius with captain save a hoe complex, an egocentric boy with prince syndrome and an “innocent” poor lovable girl. The best character was certainly our female lead, Lin Xing Chen. She grew up rich with butlers and having her paintings in gallerias before she was even a teenager. This is why everyone claims that she has princess syndrome because she has had quite the privileged life thus far. However, the truth of the matter is that there is a secret behind her birth. You see, Xing Chen’s real mother is actually Zheng Mu and not Chen Ming Le. Xing Chen was a child born out of an extra martial affair. Since Ming Le didn’t have a child for herself, Zheng Mu decided to give her daughter up so that she could have a better life. Which would have been a sweet idea had Zheng Mu not been a greedy waste of space. So because of the pressure of not being a “real” princess, our female lead had no choice but to try to pull our prince at any cost. Xing Chen could have very easily been an intolerable character, but she was more or less the “bitch” with a heart of gold. Except I never thought she was a bitch at any point in time. I did think she was fucking stupid though and was probably why her ass was failing so many classes. Nevertheless, I liked seeing her obsess over BL mangas and I liked seeing her moments where she would assert herself.

On the opposite end, the worst character in the show was by far Yu Yang Yang. Yu Yang Yang was a supposedly good natured poor girl who got into the college because her father is close with the principal. However, homegirl was a bonafide sneaky ass sly little bitch. One minute she pretends to be all nice and helpless the next she’s purposely saying and doing shit that would have Xing Chen appear in the bad light in front of the boys. If you’re gonna be a bitch then be it with ya whole damn chest!! Speaking of the boys…. I liked Zheng Chu Yao more than I liked Jiang Nian Yu and it was solely because I found him to be more entertaining annnnddd he had the better chemistry with Xing Chen. Could it have been that it was because Kenji was likely blowing out Yuxi’s back at the time? Yes.. Probably.. but that doesn’t negate anything! Jiang Nian Yu was just too average and forgettable even with him being poor and having trauma that no one cares about.

Overall, this drama didn’t have the best storyline nor the best acting nor fully developed and functioning characters, but you know what this drama did have?—An abundance of pervy moments! We got to see naked chests and laugh occasionally. That is all one could ask for when picking a mindless drama. So if you’re bored like me and want to put something on in the background while you do literally anything else then have at it!

Story: 5.5/10
Acting: 6.5/10
Music: 6.5/10
Rewatch Value: 5/10
Overall: 6/10

Fave Song:  None

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