Lazy Unnie’s Couch: Thirty But Seventeen


Woo Seo Ri, a violin prodigy at 17 who was about to study in Germany, got into a bus accident and fell into a coma waking up 13 years later. Mentally she is still only 17, while physically she is now 30. Due to a trauma he experienced 13 years before, Gong Woo Jin does not want to have a relationship with others. This series is about a man and a woman whose lives in their own ways essentially stopped when they were 17. Together, they use all their might to try and open the door to the happiness that they once thought had been closed to them.

  • Starring: Shin Hye Sun | Yang Se Jong | Ahn Hyo Seop | Ye Ji Won
  • Episodes: 32 (35 min.)
  • Aired: July 23 – September 18, 2018
  • Network: SBS

Two dramas within a week. This is what happens when I enter my binging moods. Now I want to preface and say that I really did like this drama. But let me go in and say how they LIED to me. I was bamboozled to think that this would be all sunshine and rainbows. Okay, let me rewind. I didn’t think it would be that sweet because the synopsis clearly says there was trauma. Let me explain how I ended up crying way more than both the leads combined.

Originally I was going to watch this sooner than now but because I was jilted by Yang Se Jong in Temperature of Love, I was like pause. Either way, I’m glad I took a chance because the story seemed to be much more cuter than I expected. Hands down, Woo Seo Ri stole the whole show. Yes, I’m starting this off with boasting about how from the moment she wakes up from her 13 year coma, Shin Hye Sun’s acting was so endearing and spot on, it’s how you expect someone to react to the fact that they’ve slept their whole adolescence away and now basically an adult. It’s how I live but I’ve not been in a coma.

The trauma they speak of is so apparent from the beginning. Woo Seo Ri can’t catch a damn break. Dead parents? Check. Injured in a horrific bus crash? Check. Abandoned by her only guardians? Check. If it seemed like it would make her even more handicapped to deal with her reality, the writer threw it at her.

Now lets talk Yang Se Jong’s Gong Woo Jin. We first meet 17 year old Woo Jin and he falls for the ditzy girl who’s heads is in the clouds. Of course he does cute things like paints a picture of her. But when he meets her on the bus and it’s like fate that they actually talk. The sad thing is he tells her to stay on the bus and unknown to him… CRASH. Now a case of mistaken identity paired with guilt, fast forward to a closed off adult version of Woo Jin. Again, fate seems to be at work because once Woo Seo Ri wakes up, she ends up back at her old home, and who lives there? None other than Mr. Gong, his nephew Yoo Chan and an almost Robotic housekeeper named Jennifer. And lets not forget about Seo Ri’s dog Peng who is now Woo Jin’s Deok Soo. Talk about strings connecting these two.

All the funny things happen that I don’t need to go into. Because let me say, they were hilarious. Making strangers live together and one of them is at a disadvantage because they don’t even know how to adult, comedy gold people. Even hints at a love triangle but again, can you call it a triangle when one point never even considered another a contender? Either way, Yoo Chan was like the purest of cinnamon rolls when he was all about Seo Ri. But none of that is what had me balling my eyes out in the end. It was the pure conviction and innocence of Shin Hye Sun’s performance. SPOILER AHEAD, BEWARE…

There was a scene where Woo Seo Ri comes face to face with a key person from her past and the pain she feels… I thought I had got stabbed in the heart and face. All the hate, hurt, and regret that she was feeling. The confusion of why her, all of it came through and it wasn’t even over the top. It was what you expected from a teenager who had been hurt. I was blown away. So because of that and the strings that the writer put in place between her and Woo Jin, I was a mess by the end.

And finally a shout out to Jung Yoo Jin as Woo Jin’s college best friend and boss, Kang Hee Soo. She showed how there could be a man and woman friendship that DOES NOT need to have some underlining romantic ploy. Soulmates aren’t always romantic, people!

Acting : 9/10
Story : 8/10
Music : 8/10
Overall : 8.5/10
Recommended For : If you like meet cutes, co-habitation and little puppies

Fave Song : Just Stay – Hyolyn

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