Whatcha Watchin’ – Jan 12th

So it has been twelve days into 2020 which means you are all morally obligated to have broken at least half of the new years resolutions that you have made. If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t make a new years resolution, but I did say I was going to do dry January but as is evident by our post on twitter that didn’t happen. Heheh. So this is a check-in post for you guys to see what the Unnies have been watching because we don’t yell about it enough on our twitter!

Sugar Baby Unnie

Naturally because I have drama ADHD I had to organize my dramas into two sections. Just roll with it please!

Korean Dramas

Hot Stove League: I previously did a first impressions on this one and ugh I love this drama so much yall. I am easily predicting this drama becoming one of my top tens of all time. It is so engaging and wholesome. Everyone is so perfectly casted that everything feels full there has been no dull moments in the nine episodes I watched. I am gushing. GUSHING.

Queen: Love and War: So I fell behind a bit on this one, but I am still watching it for now. Heheh. I am on episode 5, pending how it goes, for the next update I may end up dropping it. I had found it previously to be very entertaining, but I’m not sure I am liking the direction things seem to be going in. It isn’t what I initially expected nor much like what the premise hinted at it being.

Lawless lawyer: I am doing a rewatch on this one to see if I still loved it as much as the first time around. So far I am still obsessed with how good Lee Joon Gi and Seo Ye Ji’s chemistry was! Literally so sizzling!

Chinese Dramas

Joy of Life: THIS DRAMA IS EVERYTHING. It’s already finished airing and is all subbed, but I’ve been doing Viki subs because I like watching on the tv and I can navigate better verses the Youtube app on my smart tv. I also wanted to savor it because there’s no other current drama airing that has my favs and is this good. Song Yi as Ruo Ruo is giving me absolute LIFE.

Love is Fate: Watching for Vin Zhang, obviously. This drama aired a while a back but there are still no subs for all episode. There is someone subbing and they’re doing their best. I don’t feel at a lost though, because frankly this drama is extremely poor quality in everything. However, a wife has to support her husband in any way possible.

The Romance of Hua Rong: This is a very cute little drama that I picked up. So far pacing seems okay and it’s actually somewhat entertaining. The male and female lead have great banter. The story seems fun we’ll see how things go.

Lazy Unnie

I’m not watching as many shows as Sugar Baby at once but here are the few that are actively keeping my attention.

Hotel Del Luna: As I make my way through the dramas I should have been watching the last two years, I’ve finally arrived at this fantasy supernatural one. People talked this one up for me and even though I’m only a few episodes in, I can say I’m really enjoying it. I realized I’m not that big of a fan of Jin Goo so it’s going to be an interesting journey but the plot is really what is grabbing me. I just love a good ass ghost story.

Workman: If you’re into webshows, this is for you. I watched all I could on YouTube. I loved Jang Sung Kyu when he popped up on Knowing Bros but to see his own little show is hilarious. I admit, I checked it out cause of the EXO episode but went back and started with episode one. The premise is great, working all these part time jobs for a day. It’s both funny and really nice to see just regular people in their element. Everyone loves the Everland episodes but mine so far are the ones at the baseball stadium. I cried laughing.

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