Freshmen Finds – January

It seems like every week there is a new group or artist in the K-Music world. Sometimes it can be super overwhelming, especially if you’re a multistan like myself. Other times, people can fall through the cracks and you end up discovering songs that are actually bops way down the line.

I decided to start this feature where each month I give a little highlight to some of the new kids who were shuffled into the madness. All of the artists that I feature will all have debuted in the last 2-3 years. Basically around the time I fell in love with K-Music. So both me and these artist are on our freshmen journeys together!


  • Debut – January 9, 2019
  • Company – Jellyfish Entertainment
  • Members – Dongheon | Hoyoung | Minchan | Gyehyeon | Yeonho | Yongseung | Kangmin

When this group debuted last year with Ring Ring Ring, I was feeling their retro cutesy Bruno Mars sound. The visuals were adorable and they seemed like they could hold their own against the monster rookies like ATEEZ and other groups alike. The songs that followed stayed in that same wheelhouse. New Jack Swing meets NCT Dream. Even when they did the OST for Extra-Ordinary You, it was nice and bubbly. But 2020 is a new year and Verivery came with a new sound to them. Their first comeback of the new year came with a more sexier sound and I would put this song on the same wavelength with ones from CIX. The pre-chorus build is typical BG build but the chorus slaps and it’s vibey. Naturally I listened to the whole EP and it’s trendy. I hope they don’t lose that retro sound I liked, but I am excited where they go from here.


  • Debut: November 7, 2018
  • Company: iME Korea
  • Members: Youi | Boni | Lara | Miso | Sumin | Eunjo

If EVERGLOW and ATEEZ had a baby, it would be ANS. I didn’t hear of them until I started looking for new finds for this month. Do they feel original in this concept? No. But Say My Name isn’t the worst thing out there and it’s on trend with the other girl groups out there. They aren’t breaking molds but fitting nicely in the one that is already out there. They have two other songs, Boom Boom and Wonderland. Both still in this realm but catchy. I really can’t wait to see what this year brings if they get a second comeback this year.


  • Debut: December 31, 2019
  • Company: Music Works
  • Members: Kookheon | Yuvin

I loved MYTEEN before I even saw both Yuvin and Kookheon on PDX 101. So it was heartbreaking to see the group disband and the mess that was PDX. But the good thing that came from it would be these two. Yuvin’s voice needs to be in the world and acknowledged. And have you seen the visual that is Kookheon. Sadly their name is silly. I wish they would have picked something a little more catchier. But the song is really nice. I can’t wait to see what else they come out with.

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