Whatcha Watchin’ – Jan 26th

First month of the new year is basically gone and it feels like it’s already been too long. But we’ve been crazy packed with things. Thank you bingo for giving the inspiration to watch!

Sugar Baby Unnie

Unlike Lazy Unnie, I don’t do binge watching well especially now that I’m back at work and can’t be watching it there like she can! I am better with dramas that are currently airing, but overall I have a problem as soon as a drama hits the midway mark in which I usually realize I just don’t care and wonder if I should continue. I will even pull up a drama that I am just chilling with and watch one episode a day when I get home during the week. Also I made a goal to read more this year so quality drama time after work is sometimes being replaced with books including Chinese web novels. It is a whole method of madness happening in this brain of mine and you will learn to live with it. Enjoy!

Korean Dramas

Hot Stove League: I seriously didn’t think I would enjoy this drama as much as I do.. Watching episodes 10 and 11, I was so overwhelmed with a range of emotions that I am going to be sincerely sobbing when this is over. This drama is literally everything and then some. If you are not watching this, then you are missing out.

Queen: Love and War: I don’t even know if I like this. LOL. TBQH when I’m bored I just put this drama on and then I spend hours scrolling down Twitter or writing content for this blog. I feel like I may end up finishing this because for some reason I just keep coming back to this and watching it.

Lawless lawyer: I am just about done with my rewatch.. Only two more episodes, so naturally I have to find another drama to rewatch.. LOOKING AT YOU COFFEE PRINCE.

Romantic Dr. Kim 2: I realized why I dropped the first season, the medical aspect is just not doing it for me. I don’t like hospital politics. That being said, I am loving season 2 because I love the chemistry between our leads and this whole vibe better maybe because they are all already an established family? I like that I don’t need to watch the first to understand that. I also would like to advocate for polyamory in kdramas because I like both Dr. Bae and Dr. Seo and I believe that it is sexist that Dr. Cha will have to choose!!

Chinese Dramas

Love is Fate: This will be on my currently watching list for as long as those subs take to come. Yes I am still watching, no I don’t know why! The editing, story, acting feels so force and out of date. Idk man idk. The things I do for VBB.

The Romance of Hua Rong: I haven’t made any progress with this one since our last post. This may be grounds for dropping it but I am not there just yet. Let’s see how this week goes.

Story of Yanxi Palace: I never finished this drama because I had gotten busy while I waited.. I decided to restart it and I am reminded of why I had loved it so much and I hope to finish it this time around.

Walk into Your Memory: I started this because I was waiting on Fairyland Lovers subs.. It’s quirky and cute and not what I initially expected. We shall see how it goes.

Fairyland Lovers: So I’m on episode 10 and I think I am going to drop this one. I’m not as interested as when I first started so it’s best not to waste time and force myself. SORRY GUYS! Right now I think my vibe with this one is to check it out again later down the road.

Lazy Unnie

Just like last post, I’m not watching a bunch of things at one time. I realized in my binging that my average of watching is around 3 to 5 days. So I finished 2 shows in that two week span and never went back to Hotel Del Luna. But I do have a few others.


The Last Empress: I know this was one of the most talked about dramas in 2018/2019 but I didn’t know if I was going to like it. OMG! As Gwen Stefani said, This shit is BANANAS! I’ve never really watched a proper Makjang but I can see that I need to buckle up for it .

Mr. Fighting: I started this last year when I was on my Chinese Drama binge. It really is a slow burn so I find myself stopping and picking it up at odd times. I just need to buckle down and finish this bitch.

The Tale of Nokdu: I started this on a whim and I’m not sure I’m going to go back. Jang Dong Yoon is hot as shit, but I’m not sure it will keep me awake.


How Do You Play?: I love my variety shows just as much as my dramas. I started this when it first premiered but then stopped so I could do some binging. But now I see it’s got like 20 something episodes! I still don’t know what the true purpose of this show is but I love seeing all the guest stars. Heize should be on variety shows!

What I Want To Start Next

Dr. Romantic: Everyone is watching the second one now so I really want to go back and see what the hype is about. It has always been on my list but even though I’m a huge medical drama junkie, I’ve been holding off.

Melo Is My Nature/Be Melodramatic: When I finish with the crazy, I want to try this slice of life. Also I’ve seen this was one of the underrated dramas of 2019, and I want to see why.

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