Watcha Watchin’ – Feb 9th

Happy February! It’s Black History month and a leap year! Here’s what we’ve been watching! x)

Sugar Baby Unnie

I haven’t been watching much since our last post because Mercury is going into retrograde and this full moon had your girl all the way fucked up. The only thing I wanted to do was sleep, eat and ignore people. I did dabble in a few dramas, but like for the most part I ended up binging a bunch of western shows LOL.

Korean Dramas

Hot Stove League: As I type this I have just hit play on episode 14 and I really can’t believe it is coming to an end. God, I am going to miss this show so much.

Queen: Love and War: LOL. Yes, it surprised me too that I am still watching this. Currently I have realized that I don’t like the male lead’s facial expressions. I feel like historical dramas require a certain reverence and he doesn’t have it.

Romantic Dr. Kim 2: LOVING EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SHOW SO MUCH. WOW. Literally bawled my eyes out during the most recent episode. Life is so fragile.

Another Miss Oh: Since I finished my Lawless Lawyer rewatch I thought it was time to resist this because while I didn’t LOVE this when it first aired, I liked some parts of it and I kind of wanna see how the second time around will go.

Chinese Dramas

Love is Fate: Same old. Same old. I will probably remove this for the next Watcha Watchin’ unless something super interesting and noteworthy happens by then. It’s a slow sub process as I have stated in prior posts.

Story of Yanxi Palace: I forgot how much I was so into this show when it was first airing and how much I liked it. I love Jinyan’s portrayal of Yinglou so much. I know why this was hyped and it was deserved. During my first watch I stopped at episode 15 and now I am on episode 25. I will end up lagging some when I get to 30 cause like its 70 mother fucking episodes! Also this is not an easy drama to binge all at once.

Others (Thai, Taiwanese, Japanese, etc)

Secret Garden: Thai remake of Secret Garden starring Baifern??? You know my ass had to be right up in there! Hehehe. This was sitting on my to-watch list for a while and I finally did some episodes..Idk guys.. We will see with this one.. I’ve only gone three.. I am gonna give it at least two more.

On The Radar

Triad Princess: Been on my Netflix watchlist for a hot minute! I keep meaning to try it and I’ll probably do just that at some point this week. My mom wants to watch it with me.

Psychopath Diary: I did a first impression a while back and said that I wanted to revisit when it ended and it’s ended so yeah. Definitely gonna do this one soon.

Lazy Unnie


Itaewon Class: I finally started an airing show. Well I always was gonna do this because it’s Park Seo Joon and I’m his bitch for life now. Anyway, I’m loving this so far. I’ve only watched episodes 1 and 2 so far because I binge them on my Monday commute. But the acting feels a step above the rest and the story has the legs to really go somewhere. I love a good revenge plot. 

Beautiful Gong Shim: I’m basically done with this one but the last few episodes are REALLY dragging it out. My initial heart I had when I started this just isn’t there anymore. I still think the characters are like able just… boring? Anyway, gonna power through this as much as possible. 

Mr. Fighting: No update from last time. Still there. I’ll probably watch an episode as I nurse this hangover. 

High School King of Savvy: Legit I’m like 2 mins into this and already confused how this plot is going to be pulled off. Seo In Guk looking his cute self may keep me around but I could see this being shelved until after something more… I don’t know, better.

What I Want To Start Next

Dr. Romantic: Since I timeshare my Viki account with friends, this is still on my want to start because my friend started it before I did. 

Kingdom: I’m gonna binge this before the new season starts. I’m here for the real horror of things. Gimme zombies. Gimme gore. 

Crash Landing on You: Everyone and their mama is talking about this show. Son Ye Jin I liked in Personal Taste so I don’t think I’d hate her too much. But Hyun Bin… Memories of Alhambra flashbacks has me apprehensive to start. Either way, we’ll see. 

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