Stop, Drop and Roll ~ #1

I haven’t been giving you content so I decided to treat you guys to me being a dick to dramas for no reason. If you’ve been following us, you know I have a drama problem. I always want to watch everything even when I have no time. I will always pick up a drama, watch a few episodes then get bored and move on… It is a serious problem! So, to help curb this problem (not really), I have to let y’all know the dramas that I saw a few episodes of, then peace the fuck out. To add a little snark, I am going to try to explain the plot in the poorest, but accurate way possible. I will also be applying my own Stop, Drop and Roll principle.  

STOP: How many minutes/episodes of the drama did I see. ❀ DROP: Why I dropped the drama. ❀ ROLL: Pun on the word. ❀

The Romance of Hua Rong

Beauty and the beastly Pirate who can’t take a hint featuring poor posture, drunk sex and love triangles! Sassy™ girl tries to save people and ends up fucking herself over instead.

STOP: Episode six approx. 2 secs after the opening credit ends.

DROP: I picked this up again after not watching for a week so that I could keep it in my Watcha Watchin’, butttt wow I realized I just did not care. Dude if she runs away after she marries you; she’s just not that into you.

ROLL…… up Yuan Hao in some wrapping paper and ship him to me, please and thanks. Dude makes a fineeeeeeeee ass pirate. Was willing to watch all 24 episodes for his level of sexiness.

I’m So Pretty

Harry Potter and the Ben Nye Banana Powder. A girl shows up to Hogwarts School of Highlighting and Contouring with no makeup on and gets saved by Harry Potter… or rather Hermoine. Together they do makeup together to MAKE UP the world. HEHEH. Get it?

STOP: 15 minutes

DROP: LOL. A youtuber I watch said that this drama was terrible and like a kid who is told not to touch the stove because it burns, I had to burn myself. I dropped this after 15 minutes because there was no plot, acting was on 0 and I was embarrassed that I didn’t realize that green wasn’t a primary color either lmfao. Also I don’t understand Asian makeup; none of these girls were serving lewks.

ROLL…. on some chapstick or lip balm… WHY ARE ALL YOUR LIPS SO DRY??

Devastating Beauty

Pretty girl with a tramp stamp is THAT bitch. She tried use pussy power but failed causing all her squad to become slaves and whores. Sixteen years later, her descendant who is also a pretty girl with a tramp stamp told everybody and got fucked over. Thus, a different pretty girl with tramp stamp who dresses up as boy to avoid being a hoe has to marry other prince because well… why not?

STOP: Episode 5

DROP: Okay I lasted way longer than I thought I would! Even with the absolute low effort put into making her seem like a believable boy. I mean come on her boobs were RIGHT THERE!!! I finally dropped this when I realized that I am supposed to be rooting for these actual dumb dumbs… “Is this what you really want?” OF COURSE NOT YOU FUCKING MORON. SHE IS DOING IT FOR THE CLAN.

ROLL… me over with a bus so I can go into a coma and forget the time I spent watching this bullshit. Is that how comas work?

Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty

Scarlet Heart, but make it boring.

STOP: Episode two approx. 20 mins in.

DROP: I didn’t actually want to watch this. I KNEW I didn’t with every fiber of my being. Yet, I succumbed to Viki plastering it on my front page… I was okay for the most part because I knew what to expect, but then like stranger danger girlie???? And then he kissed her to shut her up. I was just like yeah… I’m out.

ROLL… the credits this shit was DOA.

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