Spins On The Turntable: Dreamcatcher – Dystopia : The Tree of Language

Dreamcatcher – Dystopia: The Tree of Language

Title: Dystopia: The Tree of Language 
Artist: Dreamcatcher 
Label: Dreamcatcher Company 
Release: February 18, 2020

From my year end lists and roundups, it should be quite apparent that Dreamcatcher is one of my top girl groups. I have always enjoyed music from this group and even when I haven’t, Fly High, I still love the bsides, Sleep-walking. My favorites are Bora aka Sua and Siyeon, but I like all the girls so much. Therefore it should come as no surprise that I would listen to this album and of course I want to share my thoughts with you all! Mwah! So let’s get into it!

As usual the first song of every Dreamcatcher release is an Intro which is just an instrumental. After that we move onto title track Scream which I quite like a lot. I initially thought solely based on the snippets that I heard that this wouldn’t be something that I liked and I was wrong. It has such strong Sleep-walking and Silent Night vibes which are two songs that I love so much and may possibly be my favorite bsides of all time. I love the energy of the whole song. The only part that I am not really feeling is the first rap tbh. Is it because I am bitter that Bora is apparently no longer allowed to rap? Maybe so. Moving on.

Tension got me wet as soon as it started. I love Dreamcatcher like this when we’re just rocking the fuck out. All the bass and rock. The way it switches when the second verse comes on is such a signature Dreamcatcher sound. This is like a more enjoyable Fly High to me. Give me all the guitar riffs! Red Sun on the other hand is bringing a little bit of a hood and a little bit of ghetto and I am eating that shit all the way up. This song shows how much this group can tackle any concept. Like yes let’s dip into this hip hop once again. The streets are saying that Ms. Bora created the choreography for this. I am ready.

Black or White started and I was like okay, this is definitely the type of song that I can vibe to riding the back of a Harley and then the chorus hit. WHO IS TOUCHING DREAMCATCHER? QUICK. Can I steal their producers please? I am BEGGING. The funk and violin in the chorus is literally so good. And then Ms. Dami comes in and ate that rap all the way up. The last 42 seconds? Thank you for this life. The gigantic mind that they had when they decided that Jazz Bar would be next? Yeah it’s a wrap. Like name, like song, it is a smooth jazzy song and their voices sound melodic and beautiful. The 10 seconds in the bridge of just that jazz piano is so nice.

Sahara brings back the hype from earlier, but not at the same intensity. The weakest part is definitely Dami’s auto-tuned rap. The hook and chorus makes up for it though. I really would just like to have gotten rid of that rap or give it to Bora! How are we six songs in and the lead rapper no rap?. In the Frozen reminds me of a song that a boy group would release. It starts off so slow and then transforms into the EDM Trap style. It would have been insufferable had they used a very straightforward beat drop. The ending brings this song up a lot for me.

Daybreak is a song with R&B elements and it’s very chill. It was immediately added to my chill playlist especially because something about it reminds me of an EXO type sound. All other songs on the album have been previously released: Full Moon, Over the Sky and Paradise. There is also an Outro and Scream Instrumental.  

Final Thoughts

Overall I am very pleased with this album even with the lack of Bora raps, I guess she’s officially cut from rap line and I love that this was a larger scale of what I have become accustomed to hearing on a Dreamcatcher release. I love that this group still held on to the little bits of them that make them unique. I would like to see more people appreciate this group. Thank you girls so much for not disappointing. PS- the way these songs be HITTING in my car. whew!

Concept: 4.5/5
Vocals: 5/5
Raps: 3.5/5
Cohesiveness: 4/5
Overall Rating: 4/5


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