Lazy Unnie’s Couch: Beautiful Gong Shim

This drama is about the Love story of two sisters and two men. The talented older sister has everything, including a beautiful appearance, and her younger sister, who is less attractive but still has a warm heart. And two men appear in front of the siblings: a progressively more attractive man, who moved into a humble rental room on the rooftop of their building and another man who is handsome and wealthy from a plutocrat family. The romance-comedy drama depicts an eventful and unpredictable love story by the four people from such a warmhearted point of view.

  • Starring : Nam Goong Min | Bang Min Ah | Ohn Joo Wan | Seo Hyo Rim
  • Episodes : 20 (1 hr.)
  • Aired : May 14 – July 17, 2016
  • Network : SBS

I’m not even really sure why I started this drama. Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of people rank it as a cute romantic comedy and kind of a classic at this point. And I admit, I definitely got that older drama vibe that I’m sometimes in the mood for. As a romantic comedy, it did it’s job in the sense that it was romantic and had some comedy, but there were some issues along the way.

This is set up about a story about a girl who is really struggling to find her way in life. She’s not the pretty sister, she doesn’t have a steady job, all her friends from school have moved on with the way society has told them to do and Gong Shim is still trying to get a foot in the door. On top of it, she’s losing her hair and forced to wear a horrible wig in what seems to be the hottest summer known to man. I feel for her. Then she ends up meeting this guy who seems like the creepiest dude who wants to rent a rooftop room from her. He’s the definition of bum on the surface. But under all that exterior, Ahn Dan Tae is actually a super caring lawyer who helps out the less fortunate. Who knew the guy who ate stuff off the ground and constantly wears lounge wear is a real life super hero?

All of the ingredients were set up for the hilarious opposite attracts plot. But wouldn’t be dramaland if it was that simple. Lets throw in a second lead who on paper and in real life is the better option. Or so it seems. Seok Joon Soo is the chaebol but not your typical one. He’s the son of the illegitimate son of the Star Group company and honestly one of the nicest guys on the planet it seems. He has run ins with both Gong Shim and Dan Tae and he befriends them. This is all great and he even falls for Gong Shim! Which starts the longest love triangle ever. The way Joon Soo basically pines for Gong Shim and at one point she even has a crush on him! But somewhere along the line things just get messy and maybe I blinked but that was it.

Or maybe it was the inclusion of the most annoying sub plot that distracted me from the romance. What I mean is there was a plot about the first grandson of Star Group being abducted 26 years prior at 4 and ever since then the Chairwoman had been searching for him. I’m not going to give it away but you already know the ending without me saying. There was a lot of snake behavior going on and eventually it was wrapped up. The way it took over had me frustrated the most because the show became less about Gong Shim, who to me was the driving force of show! Midway, I was over it and ready for things to wrap up.

The one thing I didn’t care for the most out of the whole show was Gong Shim’s sister Gong Mi. She was A SNAKE! The whole time. Worst character ever and there was no redeeming her. Even when she didn’t need to be a bitch, she was. Basically a pathological liar and jealous of Gong Shim. How can you be jealous when you have everything?!

Anyway, did I hate this drama? No. The dynamic between Dan Tae/Gong Shim/Joon Soo had it’s cute moments and if this was a better world, they’d be a thruple. But once the plot lost its way, it was hard to go back to the core of why the show worked, Gong Shim.

Acting : 7/10
Story : 8/10
Music : 6/10
Overall : 7.5/10
Recommended For : People who are tired of toxic love triangles and want some fluff

Fave Song : ‘Found’ – Coffee Boy

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