Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Kono Otoko wa Jinsei Saidai no Ayamachidesu

This Guy Is The Biggest Mistake In My Life/Kono Otoko wa Jinsei Saidai no Ayamachidesu

Genre: Comedy, Romance,
Origin: Japan
Episodes: 10
Air-date: January 18, 2020 to March 21, 2020
Starring: Hayami Mokomichi as Amagi Kyoichi, Matsui Airi as Sato Yui, Tanaka Michiko as Mishima Sae, Irie Jingi as Natori So

Sato Yui is a dispatched contract worker at Amagi Pharmaceutical Company. Her pet has died and she feels deep sorrow over its death. One day, she drinks alone at a bar and shouts, with tears running down her face, “Develop medicine to bring back someone to life!” At that time, a man walks towards her. He makes a spiteful remark that there is no such medicine that can bring someone back to life. He also tells her to stop barking and to go home. Yui feels anger within herself and she trips him. She then leaves the bar. Yui is unaware that the man she tripped is Amagi Kyoichi and he is the CEO of Amagi Pharmaceutical Company.

The next day, Yui hears at work that the CEO is looking for her. When she gets to his office, she realizes the man she tripped in the bar is the CEO. She thinks that she might get fired, but he suddenly tells her to “Please treat me as a slave.”


I swear that I have the uncanny ability to stumble upon the Japanese dramas with the most interesting concepts. I say the word interesting very loosely here. Haha. I was drawn to this drama because it boasted the premise of a D/s relationship in which the woman was the dominant. I should’ve probably took heed of the ratings on MDL, but I love to form my own opinions about things and well here we are…

What I Liked—This drama was pure ridiculous romantic comedy. It was fun and I genuinely cracked up in a variety of the scenes. I thought that the character Sato Yui was certainly something else. She represented the duality of her personality quite well. I believed in her annoyance with Kyoichi, but was still able to see how calm and sympathetic she was to the situations which required that. I think the actress did a really good job at making an otherwise dull and wishy-washy character, entertaining. The same can be said for the male lead’s portrayal of Kyoichi. I liked how easily believable it was that he was such a dominant figure in every aspect of his life with his arrogance, but submissive and masochistic towards Sato. I also found his expressions to be genuinely hilarious.

What I Didn’t Like—The execution of the story. This story was definitely a Tsundere female lead and a Yandere male lead. The problem was that we gained nothing from the ten episodes. As a viewer I felt like we ended back up exactly where we began. The addition of the professor and doctor was completely pointless in the story. I know it was supposed to let the leads recognize the depth of their feelings, but it fell flat imo. I also think that there could’ve been a stronger romantic chemistry between the leads. All the stalking and manipulation that Kyoichi was not romantic in the least. It was actually quite uncomfortable to watch. Especially considering the way the final episode ended. Idk I think Sato should’ve gotten a restraining order tbh.

So I guess overall this drama wasn’t too bad, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. I think there was a really good and solid potential to be something worthwhile there, but very poor execution. The humor of the leads does help to digest this a bit better though. I think that after knowing what happens, it would be easier to rewatch. I just really wish it was a bit more over the top and ridiculous—cut all the tortured soul crap.

Story: 6/10
Acting: 8/10
Music: N/A
Rewatch Value: 6/10
Overall: 6.5/10

Fave Song:  N/A

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