Monthly Roundup – May

May was cruising along with ease as a majority of us in the states worried about businesses reopening and going back to work in the middle of a pandemic. All that tension build up and shit it the fan. The last week as been extremely difficult for me and lazy unnie. To also have to see the blatant anti-blackness in the KPOP community that was always there was also a slap in the face. BLACK LIVES MATTER PERIOD.

So umm midway into doing my “now” thoughts on these songs, I realized that I am not in the frame of mind to truly express any now thoughts for a few songs. Like I said, the last week has been taxing and I really don’t even feel like addressing the plethora of idol controversies either. All in all, I would like people who can donate to causes to keep doing so even after everything dies down.

All By Myself

Taeyeon – Happy

Initial: Nothing much to the song. It gives a cozy feeling. I hope she’s doing well.

Now: I definitely didn’t listen to this after it was released lol. Cute song and video.

IU – Eight (feat Suga)

Initial: Cute song. Jieun looks so pretty. It’s very breezy and easy to listen to.

Now: So I heard the acoustic version and it is so much better.

BOL4 – Leo (feat Baekhyun)

Initial: Coffee shop music that does nothing for me. I really am not a fan of this girl’s voice at all. It’s just so lackluster.. At least Baekhyun sounds sexy like the bae he is.


Raiden X CHANYEOL – Yours (Feat. LeeHi, CHANGMO)

Initial: Lee Hi escaped the dungeon and already we’re hearing so much of her. Also I love Chanyeol. THAT’S MY BABY. I love this song and I’m not frontin’… it’s so good. OMG. they sound so goooood.

Now: This song is sooo good. I really do enjoy it alot.


Initial: I find it funny tbh. It has a nice beat and allll the shade lol. I mean he’s not wrong. Zico you have 24hrs to respond!

Now: He donated to BLM so I will give this song two more streams this month.

Baek Ji Young x Ong Seong Wu – Didn’t Say Anything.

Initial: Yas king go get that ballad promo!!! Sing bitchhhh! LOL. It’s a skip but like get itttttt.

Now: x2

BOL4 – Hug

Initial: Sounds like every BOL4 song ever.

Now: x3

SAAY – Don’t Know (feat. Punchnello)

Initial: When you’re in a chill vibe, SAAY is just right. She is hitting right now tbqh.

Now: Genuinely vibing with this tbh. It has helped to calm my vibes.

Woogie – Better (feat Golden)

Initial: Yeah… This the one yall. I DO DESERVE BETTER.

Now: Another song that I’ve been vibing with and enjoy listening to.

Crush – Mayday (feat Joy)

Initial: Crush is …. not very attractive. Joy on the other hand is so pretty. I think it’s time I forgive her for Tempted.

Now: I mean he’s still ugly and this song is so boring, but he also opened his pocket and donated to BLM so I guess one (1) more stream.

Yubin – Yaya (Me Time)

Initial: I had heard a snippet before I heard the full song and was like ehhhh, but like I’ve watched the MV so many times now that I like this so much. Hahaha. Yes. Like it is safe to say that this is the type of music she’s always wanted to release. I love that she is free now to do her thing. This song has such an infectious vibe.

Now: Yeah this is bopping for me. IDC. Unfortunate to think that I don’t quite feel free.

August D – Daechwita

Initial: Listen.. Yall know I am a messy bitch that lives for drama so I am always here for the rappers talking shit. The streets are saying that he was shading a certain ex member of a YG group. The streets are also saying that he copied another member of a YG group’s solo song concept a bit. Think about that. 😄

Now: No comment.

Minzy – Lovely

Initial: Minzy has been having such a hard time. I’m happy she was able to break her contract. Gives me a 2ne1 ballad feeling. Awww. Babies.

Now: x4

Baekhyun – Candy

Initial: The audacity of Baekhyun to just be existing and not giving me his cock is wild af. I don’t understand?????? Check out full review of album here.

Now: A bop. The album bops too.

Three’s A Crowd

Astro – Knock

Initial: I saw this and with all sincerity and no shade.. I really don’t know why I thought there were only five of them lmfao. Cha Eun Woo is very nice to stare at. The song is okay. Don’t like nor dislike it. No special emotions.

Now: Meh.

Nu’est – I’m In Trouble

Initial: I definitely started singing EXO’s Trouble when I saw the name lmfao .. Anyways. Song is okay. I think it might be a grower.

Now: x5


Initial: I accidentally played the english version first lol. Anyways this is nice. I am a little emotional listening to it. Soft rock is always good.

Now: I haven’t listened to the album yet and I want to because I dig this so much. Alsooooooooo.. Jae donated so giving it all the streams.

BVNDIT – Jungle

Initial: Cool was better.

Now: x 6

TXT – Can’t You See Me

Initial: I enjoy this so much more than anything else I have heard from them.. Is it because I don’t remember what the other songs sound like? Yes.. Your point?

Now: N/A

NCT 127 – Punch

Initial: At times I enjoy it. At times I’m bored so I guess that sums up my feelings on NCT as whole as well. Also what a terrible MV.

Now: N/A

D-Crunch – Pierrot

Initial: #Shrugs

Now: N/A

OnlyOneOf – Angel

Initial: In all honesty, I have never heard of this group before. They just autoplayed after D-Crunch … Hehehe. I like this song.. Do I like it because of them or because it is produced by Gray? Mm….

Now: N/A

Monsta X – Fantasia

Initial: At first I was like “oh god noise”, but like they look so fucking good in this MV.. Upon the third listen though, I’m feeling her. Okay, but like why does Shownu & Minhyuk look so fucking fine? COCK!!

Now: N/A

New Kidz On The Block

Natty – NineTeen

If you watch Sixteen and Idol School then you are well aware of who Natty is. She was a JYP trainee and is now under Swing Entertainment, I believe. I’ll be honest.. I do not see her as a soloist so hearing that she was doing a solo debut was quite interesting to me…So let’s see what’s good.

Initial: I am shocked. Her voice will take some getting used to, but I enjoy the stylistic choices. She is giving me Chungha vibes tbh. I wish her well.. Can’t wait to see a live performance. I really am enjoying the instrumental.

Now: N/A

Moon Jung Up – Headache (feat. Yunhway)

I don’t know anything about BAP. I mean I know like average, but I don’t care. So like they’re all free so they’re all here to terrorize us with solo songs.

Initial: This is actually a fun vibe. I am shock.. Granted I’m a little tipsy right now so we’ll see. I like Yunhway… who is she??

Now: N/A

Woo!Ah! – woo!ah! (Exclamation!)

So the problem with debuts is that I have to look into who these people are to give you all the tea, but I just don’t care enough…… This group is made entirely of people born after the year 2000.. I am shook.

Initial: This was almost a good song.. Almost. Maybe when I drink more we’ll see how I feel.

Now: N/A

Red Square – Color Full

Okay so this girl group is from About Entertainment (never heard of it) and they are five members. OOMF is always tweeting about them so I knew they recently debuted.

Initial: I was a bit turned off by the beginning, but as the song actually started I was pleasantly surprised. I like the funky vibe of it. The vocals also sound really good. I am interested in hearing more.

Now: N/A

Secret Number – Who Dis?

This group I am vaguely aware of because it has ex-YG trainees Jinny and Denise.. I have never heard of the company though.

Initial: I’m highkey mad.. I actually fucks with this. It’s kinda a serve. Ughhh…. I love the the sounds of the chorus so much. fuck.. w/e #ifyouknowyouknow

Now: N/A

Ryu Su Jeong – Tiger Eyez

I am not the biggest Lovelyz fan, but I do like Kei. I really didn’t know who sujeong was when I heard she was having a debut, but all of Woolim has super talented people.

Initial: This is giving me like a pure pop sound and I’m not mad about it. She’s kinda serving. Lemme listen to the mini album.

Now: N/A

Kim Wooseok – Red Moon

Another solo debut from a group that I don’t listen to and therefore don’t really care. I was just trying to include a penis in my debuts section tbh. Apparently he’s also a former member of X1..

Initial: The song itself isn’t bad at all, but watching the MV is such a turn off to me. Like the try hard sexy looks are sending me. The song is really something that I would definitely vibe to. Let’s check out the album.

Now: N/A

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