Sugar Baby’s Review Corner – Temperature of Language: Our Nineteen

Temperature of Language: Our Nineteen

Genre: School, Romance, Youth, Drama
Origin: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Air-date: Feb 13, 2020 – Apr 9, 2020
Starring: Jin Ji Hee as Woo Jin Ah, Nam Yoon Su as Lee Chan Sol, Kang Min Ah as Han Yu Ri, Park Se Hyun as Seo Eun Bin, Yoo Jung Woo as Kim Do Yeon, Joo Eo Jin as Shin Kang Wook

Woo Jin Ah is a senior student at high school, with just months to go until her final SAT-equivalent exams. She has always tried to fit in with the crowd but feels unfulfilled and anxious. One fateful day, she decides to start a pseudonymous social media account where she can finally express the way that she feels. Unexpectedly, the account is a runaway hit at school, leading her classmates to speculate as to who might be behind the posts.

Also attempting to navigate his way through the final stages of high school is Woo Jin Ah’s childhood friend Chan Sol, a one-aspiring soccer player whose promising career was cruelly cut short by injury. Also in the class is Han Yu Ri– a student who appears to be perfect, but actually harbors a dark secret.

As the exams approach, hidden stories will be exposed and romance will come to the fore…


After watching Extracurricular, I had my eye on Nam Yoon Su. I made a note that he was in a web drama similar to A-Teen and the other day scrolling through Viki, I realized that it was on there so I decided why the hell not. I went with the description on Viki vs MyDramaList because I thought that more accurately described the drama. For this review we’re going to try a different approach in which I will discuss my favorite characters in order and their storyline. This will not be spoiler free sadly, but I will try to keep it very minimal.

Okay so starting of with the best and my favorite character, Ji Na. Her story was her trying to find a path for herself. Her friends around her all had ambitions and dreams of what they wanted to do, but she had terrible grades and lived in her sister’s shadow. You saw the steady growth in Ji Na’s confidence throughout the series after she created the textagram account. I loved that she was the heart of the friend group as she truly was delightful. I was actively rooting for her happiness every step of the way. A standout moment was the scene where she told Chansol that no one would notice if she was gone and you could tell that was her pain of going through life as the “unseen” person in both her family and her friendships.

Next on deck is Chansol.. Ughh. Nam Yoon Su, you have my whole heart. Listen when you were a bad guy in Extracurricular, I still found you hot and now as this wholesome guy who helps his friends no matter what? I cannot with the feels. Chansol was actually THE sweetheart. I cannot blame Eunbin and Jina for falling for him because it’s hard not to with that smile. His story was him trying to get into the physical education major and out of the friendzone with Jina. He also brought Eunbin into the friend circle and they had a really nice friendship. He was very reliable to all his friends and I was so happy that he got the happy ending he deserved. My favorite scenes were the ones with both Eunbin and Jina.

Eunbin comes up as my third favorite which in all honesty is a tie with Doyeon as they are both the top students of the school and each suffer from the pressures of that. I edged Eunbin over a little more because I am just a simp for a woman who is working hard to be the best because it’s the only way she can survive. I actually related to her the most of the team. I also lowkey shipped her with Chansol. Kiiii. As for Doyeon, his mother was the pinnacle of the korean mom who puts everything into their child and thinks that everything they do is their achievement. She was insufferable and I’m glad that Ji Na shared the messages when he went missing because she needed to really understand her child. Eunbin thought that Doyeon had it easy because he was rich, but there really wasn’t a competition in the way she thought it was.

Next in line would be Kangwook and it’s like even though he didn’t really have a story and was more just there as Yuri’s moral compass and for us to sympathize more with her character he ranks higher than her. He was a kind of gentle giant and adorable. I love how he’s like “can I join too?” Heheh. I enjoyed that his dream was to be a musician and that he was the odd ball of the group.

Sighs. No high school drama is complete without the bullying portion or best friends being fake ass bitches. Okay so here’s the thing with Yuri.. I understand her a lot. I understand trying to hide the bullying that happened to her in middle school. I understand her then becoming this shell person who just agrees with whatever because it’s easier, but she’s an awful person in reality. In my opinion, she has not earned the redemption that she was given. Matter of fact, it actually annoyed me that even when she was in the wrong instead of owning it and trying harder she chose to run away and have Jina be the one to comfort her. I know it goes perfectly with her character of being a coward, but still it just aggravates me. I thought it was good that she apologized to Sera because the thing was both girls really did think she was being her honest self with them both. However, I do think that Ji Na deserved a WAY BETTER APOLOGY THE FUCK? Also how do these study rooms work? Can anyone just go in whenever? But as somewhere they frequented so often to the point of having the stickies up and everything you would think it would be a little more guarded? I just feel like that damn place where evil happened. I really got tired of seeing it because I know it just caused problems. Of all the places that were repeated I do think that Jina’s mother’s restaurant was the lawful good whereas the study room was true evil.

At the heart this story discusses every imaginable thing that a teen drama does, but keeps it confined to sixteen episodes that are like thirty minutes long which doesn’t exhaust the viewer and pair that with a good cast, it’s certainly a gem. This is the drama lodged between A-Teen and At Eighteen. Give it a view if you’re looking to pass time.

Story: 8/10
Acting: 8/10
Music: 8/10
Rewatch Value: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

Fave Song:  Be Myself – Gang Haein

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