Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Love Me If You Dare

Love Me If You Dare

Genre: Psychological, Romance, Crime, Suspense
Origin: China
Episodes: 24
Air-date: 15 October 2015 – 4 January 2016
Starring: Wallace Huo as Bo Jin Yan, Sandra Ma as Jian Yao, Zhang Luyi as Xie Han, Yin Zheng as Fu Ziyu, Wang Kai as Li Xunran

Simon/Jin Yan is a psychologist who returns to China from the US after a close encounter with a serial killer, but his ordeal is not over yet. Together with his assistant, Jenny/Jian Yao, police officer Li Xunran, and friend Fu Ziyu they solve mysterious and violent criminal cases.


I have had this drama on my watchlist for quite some time now. I was watching way too much Korean Dramas and I figured, why not? I think the last think I saw Sandra Ma in was Age of Legends which I never quite finished and if I am being honest this was probably one of the only roles I have seen her be girlie in considering that the other drama was Oh My General. Wallace Huo, I had only seen in Imperial Doctress, so I didn’t know really what to expect beyond a psychological thriller type drama. I had been told to watch this more than once as it is considered one of the most popular and hyped Cdramas of 2015.

Reviewing this particular drama from the standpoint of being a very well loved and hyped drama, I can see the charm and why that was the case. In particular I found that when it comes to cdramas this was on the more “unique” side for its era in the storytelling perspective. However as someone who has watched her fair share of NCIS, Criminal Minds, Law and Order etc, I found a lot of the cases to be very predictable. I also did not enjoy the last quarter of the drama, it just felt so contrite and really all I wanted was for it to end at this point. I mean, it could also be that I was very much in it for the chemistry only by episode 14.. What can I say? I is a basic bitch.

So while I’m on the list of things that didn’t work, I would also like to mention that I felt that Jian Yao was kinda wasted. If we follow the idea that this is a “Sherlock” type story then “Watson” needed a bit more personality. I understood the purpose of her being that she was a motivator for his actions and his change, but like I really thought that we kinda did away with her towards the end. I actually found that Fu Zi Yu was more interesting and I would’ve loved having and learning more of him.

For the things I did like about the drama that will in the end way out everything I didn’t, I can summarize in three points.

  1. Well Acted
  2. Wallace Huo looked HOT AS FUCK

Listen.. I am a lustful young lady and the chemistry was on a thousand. I loved it. I wanted more of it. Cut all the fat and give me more of them. Wallace Huo in this drama deserved me on my knees with my mouth wide open. Ruby Lin, sis, share the cock??!!! Okay but for real, jokes aside the drama is actually a very good time if you view it as a romantic comedy with a little psychological thriller sprinkled in between and that is exactly how I took it.

Overall I do believe this drama is worth watching. I really really really enjoyed the chemistry and the funny elements. I think this drama just suffered from trying to do too much to be unique and you know what, sometimes basic is okay. Give it a go, I guarantee you won’t loathe it.

Story: 7/10
Acting: 8.5/10
Music: 7/10
Rewatch Value: 7/10
Overall: 7.5/10

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