Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Long Khong

Long Khong

Genre: Horror, Thriller
Origin: Thailand
Episodes: 8
Air-date: Jul 12, 2020 – Aug 30, 2020
Starring: Ticha Wongtipkanon as Praewa, Pure Purewarin Kosiriwalanoni as Linlin, Mark Siwat Jumlongkul as Dan,
Nene Pornnappan Pornpenpipat as Aya, Fluke Pongsapat Kankam as Brave

Stakes are high on the cheerleading team, as every member is competing for the chance to become this year’s center position. However, when Praewa, a talented nobody joins the team, the other members are threatened by her and constantly terrorize her hoping she’ll leave. However, when they break an important bottle of magic that Praewa had been protecting, she decides to make them pay. She summons spirits and demons using her blood, writing the message that they must die. As the other members are terrorized by ghouls and demons out to kill them, she trains even harder to take on the center position so she can have the last laugh. However, they will not give up so easily and will fight to the last minute to survive and achieve their goal. Can they manage this when their lives are threatened every night?



You know I couldn’t end Spooky month without something spooky. Since I have done a Korean, Japanese and Chinese drama already for this month, I figured I would round it out with a Thai drama. I stumbled upon this drama about two months ago, but at the time there weren’t full subs. On a whim I decided to check in again and we were blessed. Now, I I just need to start this off by saying, JUSTICE FOR PRAEWA!!!! My girl didn’t do anything wrong ever in her life. She deserves everything and should’ve gotten a happy ending. Fuck everybody else. PERIOD.

This drama was actually pretty enjoyable and very well acted for a relatively green cast. I loved the creepy elements and wished we got a lot more gore. The story was very simple to follow and even the twist in the end was seen from miles away. I really enjoyed watching Ticha’s transformation from being a meek, slightly weird girl to this venomous demon hellbent on revenge. Personally, I would have killed Brave first and foremost, but I understood the choice to have him be later because of the whole mystery behind the girl in the video. The story in truth really did a great job of connecting the dots and every person she took revenge on was involved in someway except for probably Khaimook.

So there seems to be quite the controversy saying that this drama involved a lot of queerbaiting because the trailer showed the BL scene. In context, I don’t think there was any? However, it is not my place entirely to say so. The kiss and sex scene was forced upon the guys as they have said multiple times that they were straight AND because of the black magic. Like the characters themselves were queerbaiting within the show kinda?

Overall, thoroughly enjoyable show. I would rewatch it. I justice think that Praew deserved so much better. JUSTICE FOR PRAEWA! I recommend if you’re into dark magic and revenge stories.

Acting: 8/10
Music: 8/10
Rewatch Value: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

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