Lazy Unnie’s Playlist: Crush – with HER



LABEL: P Nation

RELEASED: October 20, 2020

This is the latest album release from Crush since moving over to PSY’s label, P Nation. And this will be the last one in a while because my boy is enlisting in November. So with a heavy heart and open ears, I listen to this.

Let Me Go (with Taeyeon) – Title Track

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The return of the Crush and Taeyeon collab! Don’t Forget is one of my favorite tracks from Crush and it really made me fall in love with Taeyeon as a soloists. Hearing that the lead track for this special EP had me excited. And I was not disappointed. The song immediately gives off some Stevie Wonder vibes with the piano and Crush’s soft tone. Taeyeon’s higher tone balances nice and by the second pre-chorus when they sing together, I’m in love. Even though this song is about a goodbye, it feels like like the perfect hello for the album.

Tip Toe ( with Lee Hi)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

To say I’m in love Lee Hi’s voice is an understatement. She can sing me the constitution and I would be enthralled. Adding that with the 90’s R&B music and a rapping Crush, this is a serious bop. The song talks about two people going for a hook-up basically. It definitely got me in that Real Love Mary J headspace.

Love Encore ( with Lee Sora)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I was a little surprised at the combination of this one. But it quickly turned into a pleasant one when Lee Sora’s jazzy melodic voice comes in on the track. Crush giving his best falsetto and the almost 1950’s lounge club music is a great combination. It’s not a song I would listen to on repeat, but it’s a nice palette cleanser.

Step By Step ( with Yoonmirae)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

It is no secret I am in love with Tasha (Yoonmirae). And of course these two would make a bedroom song. This is another song about two people who are felling each other and they just want to come together, step by step, and get down. It reminds me of Tip Toe in the sense that they are both 90’s R&B vibes but this is more of a Jodeci, let me make love to you, message. Definitely a constant repeat. Because when these two are soulful, it’s magic.

She Said ( with BIBI)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

BOY THIS NASTY!!! In the best way. Here you got Crush being this adorkable person who’s in love with his dog. But on this track him and BIBI I was SHOOK! Tip Toe and Step By Step were just the precursors to this more hip hop track. Rapping Crush mixed with BIBI’s dreamy tone is the perfect combination. The moment that first Fuck hit my ears, I knew I was in for a ride.


The fact that Crush did a whole album with only female collaborations makes me want to scream WOMEN RIGHTS! Each track was better than the previous one and honestly, it just made me wish this had more tracks. It had the charm that his last album just didn’t have. So much, I almost forgot he did an album last year. Each song didn’t feel like a feature. It felt as if Crush and his co-star were a duo and this was just their song. Each featuring artists brought what they do best to the track and it just felt extremely special. Now I’m just even sadder that this will be it for at least 18 months. BE WELL AND STAY HEALTHY SHIN HYOSEOB!!!

OVERALL: 5 / 5

Least Favorite Track(s): N/A
Favorite Track(s): Tip Toe, Step by Step, She Said

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