12 Days of Kovid-Mas – Day Three: Elf


Just like Will Ferrell’s character, Buddy Elf, in the movie Elf, not all relationships with our parents are ideal. Especially fathers. K-Dramas all have their fair share of parent drama. To highlight the theme, we’re going to pick a few of stand out relationships with Daddy Issues.

Note: Lazy Unnie’s picks are in RED and Sugar Baby’s picks are in GREEN.

Record of Youth
Sa Hye Jun & Sa Young Nam

From the first episode, we knew that there was some tension between Sa Hye Jun and his family, especially his father. Stemming from Sa Young Nam’s own issues with his father and how he didn’t really provide for him when younger, Young Nam didn’t really agree with the career choice Hye Jun and didn’t support him at all. Even as Hye Jun started to become famous, the relationship didn’t magically turn well. At points it looked as if his dad was jealous of him because he was actually attractive and good natured. The relationship never really took on a loving and supportive one but by the end of the drama, things were eased out. But you can tell how not having a good relationship with his dad affected Sa Hye Jun.

Jung Geum Ja & Jung Chun Su

Hyena was mostly a story about lawyers Jung Geum Ja and Yoon Hee Jae and their back and forth. But it was Geum Ja’s past that really stood out to me. The fact that she basically framed her abusive and alcoholic father with attempted murder because he killed her mother was wild! When things started playing out about her past I was so shook! But things got even more dysfunctional when he got released from prison, now a pastor and went to find her. He basically tried to get her to apologize to her for what had happened but she wanted none of that noise. I don’t blame her. Years of abuse and the murder of her mother, I would have done the same maybe. Or at least thought about it.

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